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Raleigh International BBQ @ Shang Villa

This is actually the story on the same day I go to YOUTH'09 . At YOUTH'09 I saw pretty 8TV host and also the interesting Pole Dance + Yoyo Workshops After I have satisfied wondering around the YOUTH'09 halls Leaving Belinda Chee and the pretty girl I saw from the Dance Workshop ...~ And go to the nearest Mc Donald to have my dinner. This is where your Sundae come from. It is actually liquid form before put into the chilling machine. According to a food's health booklets, there are a lot of Escherichia coli living inside...~ Escherichia coli is a kind of microbes living in bowel. If accidentally consumed too much they will make you sick. But, who care, people still like to eat Sundae Cone and dun care about E. coli Including me... 人就是爱犯贱 ~ After I almost finished my stuff, Mun2 called me if I want to join the BBQ organized by Raleigh International as Li Ern, Yeng2 is there too. Since I am so playful, I just go without asking what are their programs. I took a lon

Yoyo & Pole Dance Workshop @ YOUTH'09

This is Wong KJ, the MC for Yoyo Workshop and also one of the Yoyo players. He is also one of the finalist in SONY Double Exposure Contest ;p First, three Yoyo players are going to present together I like the 'SuperJum'p made by the Yoyo Player standing in the middle . Next, it is KJ and Ewin's turns to perform. Can't remember the third performer's name...^@^" Why KJ look like that? Because KJ's age secret was revealed by the Red guy But I think the MC is older ;p Ewin Ee is a young Yoyo Player which had won alot in Yoyo Contest Please find him at - I like his blog address ;p "NeNe-Bu-Bu-Cha-cha " This would be another Yoyo player that wearing golden Sportshoes and have good Yoyo skills too. There are too much Yoyo players there, so I just uploaded some of them. After all, the performance by KJ and Ewin is the best! :) Next next! The pole dance workshop that I have waiting for since 3.30 PM! Six volunteers wer