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X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid: Part 2

Continue from X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid [Part 1] . I am now revealing the catwalk photos of X Top Models with the black sexy dress and elegant dress with/without the "blinky". I got one question: The black dress do look good but does the fabric makes you feel the heat? Because a good looking dress must be comfortable to be wear on too~ WaiYee Yen WaiYee Yen Norraine Chung SimHui Aw SimHui Aw featuring the V-back dress Fancy Goh Grace Chew Ieqa Natasha Kim Low Josephine Tan Benjamin Toong from Amber Chia Academy, taught the X Top models the right way to do catwalk Jimmy Wong who designed the elegant dresses One of the photo I like in their photoshoot- Phoebe How Now is the last and final set of dresses that the X Top Models will showcase. I don't really understand the gravity defying pose because of the twisting and almost fall pose =S Maybe it is to grab our attention? But I do like how some of the models swing/flip their dress and created the waves =

X Top Model Search Finale @ Sunway Pyramid: Part 1

Update: Thank you guys for your FB Like! Appreciate! Click here for Part 2 . It is my honor to be invited and attend X Top Model Search Grand Finale @ Sunway Pyramid. Always wonder how gorgeous people can stay confident and walk on the stage. Met many new friends from different field including photographers, models, designer and of course local celebrities & personalities. I was quite shy in approaching though...~ But anyway, hope my photos able to tell the stories and inspire some of you! As usual, feel free to comment! First of all, congratulation to: X Top Model Search 2011 Winner - SimHui Aw ! X-Shot Challenge Winner - Grace Chew X-Walk Challenge Winner - Josephine Tan & Fancy Goh [Skip here if you don't wanna read press release] The X Top Model Search 2011 has found Malaysia’s X Top Model with the X Factor and the girl who will rock the runways at Beijing Fashion Week and gain instant supermodel stardom is Aw Sim Hui . The esteemed panel of judges comprised the who’s