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The Glamorous Music Concert “魅力四射”音樂會 | Shaw Parade

大樂樂實驗樂團 Vivo Experimental Orchestra(VEO) has successfully presented us their "魅力四射 Glamorous Music Concert" @ Shaw Parade at one good night. Almost all the seats are taken and I do enjoy their music because it is not those kind of traditional Chinese Orchestra. It is full of youth I can tell. Like how they design the poster, telling us it would be a fun music concert Was there to be one of the photographers, so my ticket for this concert is FREE~! Wakaka ;p #1 A good opening as they mimic the frogs sound #2 Most of the pictures taken showing them smiling and having fun. This is the kind of photo I like to take. So tell me which photo do you like the most okay? =D #3 Colourful clothes and also socks~! #4 #5 Happy crowd =D #6 The one who responsible for the slides #7 A very supportive audience esp the kid #8 Like how she present herself. A funny and talented leader in VEO #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 Found this stuff on the stage, wonder what it is #15 People don't use Gehu