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Zee Avi @ Rumah Kids Perform Live [Video]

Okay here is a short post since I am going out soon. Instead of not sharing at all here is something to share =) Zee Avi is a great singer with big loving heart too. Happy that she is able to attend this charity event at Rumah Kids . We were at R umah Kids to measure their size of Croc shoes . Crocs, DiGi and Universal Music taking part in this charity event too. Zee Avi distributing free gift to one of the kids at Rumah Kids Zee Avi with Crocs =) Last but not least, here is a video of Zee Avi perform live ~! Zee Avi perform "Just you and me" live @ Rumah Kids. If you like this and want to see more about the cute+naughty Simon, follow @TianChad on Twitter or subscribe to my RSS for latest update ya. Till then ciao~