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Jam Factory Puchong | Bring On The Night with Seafood

Jam Factory Puchong | Bring On The Night with Seafood Reunion every once a year, we recently went to Jam Factory Puchong Seafood Restaurant located at Jalan Layang-Layang 2 Bandar Puchong Jaya for a dinner gathering. Although the group was small, it was a good reunion dinner here in Jam Factory. Thank you friends who came all the way to Puchong. This was actually my second time visit Jam Factory but too bad their Signature Chicken Dish was out of stock. The Signature Chicken dish is actually pretty well presented and tasted good too. Overall the food taste good, price was above average but service was great during our visit. (Maybe because there was a survey form that we need to fill in? hahaha) Thanks to the waiter who keep offer to refill water for us. They serve fusion food including Western, Japanese, BBQ with wine and sake. Jam Factory also have live music band in the restaurant. Last time it was a couple singing and this time is a guy who play saxophone well. A

My 1st Birthday Celebration in 2011. Cheers!

Since not everyone is free to celebrate my birthday on the most special day of the year (the day we see the most fireworks in a day), I've decided to celebrate it earlier with a bunch of close friends. Nicole and YiWern were good enough to give me surprises with the party attendee and a special appearance of my "very close friend". They can really make me smile =D Talking about party it will never be complete without a beer session! Heineken - one of my favourite beer for a great party =) But before that, I must make sure everybody fill their stomach before the party goes on! Some of the awesome food that we've ordered @ Italiannies The Spaghetti w Salmon is the best ;p A bunch of close friends who able to attend today! [Top-right] Ange, Shereena, my sweetheart , Cassandra and BlackSwan Nicole hahaha [Bottom-right] Koko, Jack, always checkered shirt boy, Sarita, and Marshall posing #likeaboss [Top-left] This is the special guest of the day "my very close

Uni G1 Gathering @ Papparich, The Garden

It's been so long that uni mates didn't come out and gather around just to chit-chat or crapping++. All thanks to Chin Yik who was in KL and made this mini gathering a success =D Here's Chin Yik =) Hope he will be coming up with an environment friendly project soon! And everyone else who attend~! Kesian Ah Kuek didn't manage to come ChunJin and BIG-EYE SuLin However, SuLin will always be defeated by the flash light and become SMALL EYE SuLin lol LooKim & RouZhing in the pict~ Playing with the flashgun while they busy chatting It is good that you let your friend play with your camera as they also capable of taking nice photos. This is HuiSan picture taken by ChunJin . Ah, SuLin eye is back to normal BIG size whenever without flash Here's the only picture of me with messy hair and Wern Last but not least a group photo of the UTAR G1 uni-mates! This time there are two friends announcing their upcoming marriage. Next time I wonder if they will bring along the

UTAR Little Gathering @ Pacific Coffee IOI Boulevard

My first time visit Pacific Coffee Company Puchong IOI Boulevard . The place has changed a lot especially after OverTime and The Library start having business there. It is even harder to find parking now. Luckily the ambient is still very nice when you are inside Pacific Coffee Company. The loud music from The Library won't be able to penetrate through . Therefore it is still a good place to meet up with friends have chit-chat. One thing not so good is they close the shop quite early, 11PM will be their last order and air conditioner will be switched off. That's the way they tell the customer to leave . But still, nice to meet everyone today. HuiSan, PickSan, ChunJin, Nicole, BoonThiam and the boss YeeKai. The gathering is a lot happier with YeeKai's joke lol. Hope everyone keep on fighting for their dream~! Good to have you guys as friends =D Time for me to sleep now as tomorrow will have another video shooting session early in the morning~! If you don't want to ge

JieShun Special Visit & Steve's Birthday~!

Now is 3am in the morning and I just can't skip this post as it might just happen only once a year! JieShun was coming all the way up from Johor to KL just to meet us all up, the UTAR G1 coursemate :D Although not all course mate came, it is still a good gathering as it reminds me some of my uni memories. here are the ladies with the birthday star - Steven Lim ! Happy birthday to Steve again and hope you have a good night with Michelle. Hey remember play safe ya! This picture is one part of my uni memories. How bout you? Do you remember which moment is the best when you are in uni/highschool? You can share with me~!

Genting Highland Trip with Opening Clam

Early in April I went to Genting Highland with friends 3 days s after the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair @ TimeSquare which get into Malaysia Books of Records. We were there just to enjoy the cold cool weather and hanging out together. No advertorial or event la, for your information =) Let's start the story~! Spotted this cat sleeping gently when we are heading to a shop for breakfast Which photo do you prefer? The previous one or this one, full body view =) First time saw the LOOOOONG Dim Sum. I guess they lazy to cut into half =/ ChunJin is the driver, thanks for the ride along the whole trip~! You can see we are in cable car now. Do visit his new blog CJ's Corner ~! First place that we visit is the garden Then I saw two busy bug following the law of nature - Mating & Breeding It was very cloudy in the morning. Outdoor themepark haven't open yet. Friends who goes along are Hasegawa Soujiro, Yen Ting, PickSan an Clement Lim One of the photo shoot for the flowers =)