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【Photo】KWAI CHAI HONG 鬼仔巷 2022 CNY Decoration - Live Wild & Prosper 虎星高照迎新年

【Photo】KWAI CHAI HONG 鬼仔巷 2022 CNY Decoration - Live Wild & Prosper 虎星高照迎新年 鬼仔巷推出农历新年艺术装置拯救马来亚虎 - ‘Live Wild & Prosper 虎星高照迎新年’艺术装置由1月14日至2月20日展出。 🈺️: 9AM to 10PM.  📅: 14th Jan to 20th Feb 2022 Location: Kwai CHai Hong 鬼仔巷 . PICK your favourite 📸   TAG FRIEND(s) you would visit KCH with 👫🏻👭👬 . SAVE & SHARE to support @tianchad #teamwork  . Here's a little sight of what's ready for you to capture when in #KwaiChaiHong. This time CNY deco & concept courtesy of @lailaiart.chang @djoddicon . . Photography tips: Since this time majority of the decorations are hanging high up in the air, Try to use your phone screen as mirror for reflection play or play with low angle🪞🤳🏻  . In conjunction with @wwfmy , there will be donation drive happening during this period too. Check out more info at or scan the QR code at the event space  . PS: Almost forgot to mention that KCH is a pet friendly space, kudos to KCH team having a special session for

Sponsored Video: Uncage Yourself, Pursue Your Dream

Tiger Graffiti at Rabbit Hole Changkat Bukit Bintang - by Kenji Chai Not sure since when most of the parents have this typical concept: If you want to be success in a career, become an engineer, doctor or even a dentist to have a bright future. Don't ever get yourself involved with something related to art and music because you will have NO future with it. If you are in an Asian family, this concept somehow stay stronger in your family.  Since I was young, my primary school teacher will ask me what is my ambition yearly. One time I say I want be a policeman, next year I say I want to be a firefighter. Honestly, I don't know what I wanted to be when I was at that age and it always change.  As a person graduated with a science degree - Biotechnology, I thought I was going to do something great with it but I lose interest in it after the constant same work in the lab. I like to explore the outside world which is so big and different. There is so much more for you to

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 亚洲音乐节 [Photo+Video]

All right, here comes my coverage on Tiger Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 2012 . It was my pleassure to capture their precious moments and share with you guys. I hope the photos will remind you on what happened that night. Press con was held around 4PM and artists who attended as above. LMF wasn't there as according to Jimmy they were still having good food around the town and didn't manage to reach in time. The first artist who performed as opening act I know he is an Aries through his tattoo haha Followed by member from SoulCrazy and Elecoldxhot Awesome dance as usual. Can always see new choreographed dance move =) Exotic Percussion Band that never forget to be humor Exotic Percussion Band *Slow motion* + Bad breath The moment Paul Wong 黄贯中 and Ka Keung 黄家强 appear on stage the crowd went crazy! =D 金刚, Mei Yan 颜薇恩 and 豆腐卜Bernard Paul Wong become shirtless after he say Malaysia weather is hot and fans encouraged him to strip Beyond++ A-Lin gather up her vocal power before she sing

OktoberFest @ Patio Bar & Lounge, Genting Highlands

"Harlo pretty and handsome. Welcome to for OktoberFest!" About Oktoberfest "In 1810, Oktoberfest started as a wedding celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Over the years it has now evolved to become a festival celebrated by beer lovers all over the world as well as an occasion where friends and families get together to enjoy the best beers brewed by local breweries." On a weekend morning me and Wern took the Genting Bus at 1Utama and then cable car to Genting Highlands. The cable car station was a bit crowded but it wass fast enough for us to get on one. Wern was really nervous when she was in the cable car huhu~ The weather was just cool-but-not-cold at Genting Highlands. It is still better than I am sweating in my house during the hot season. Went to had lunch at "好友记快餐" and paid our food using Resort World Genting Holiday Card . The food was just so-so and menu always look more attractive