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狮神决战 The Lion Men Gala Premiere @ Genting Highland & Personal Review

狮神决战 The Lion Men Gala Premiere @ Genting Highland 云顶高原 On 19th February, I was one of the blogger invited to attend the Gala Premiere of <<狮神决战 The Lion Men>> at Genting Highland . Since I want to take a break from the smoky and hazy KL, me and a few media friends went uphill together.

Deman Denggi, Drought & The Lion Men #TCRandom

Kampung area will be covered with a layer of smoke as I guess that's how they chase away mosquito by burning dry leaves in the evening Hola people, how was your day today? I hope you don't feel hot with current weather as Melaka is very hot and humid now. *sila hujan* My mind always remind me of "你York了吗?" whenever there is a hot day but the expensive electricity bill stopped me to think of York again haha... I've been hearing and seeing news that friends/their family got caught up with Deman Denggi because of Nyamuk Aedes . So guys be aware of your housing area/neighbourhood and make sure to check and clear up the possible nest for mosquito. I saw KHIND's Facebook sponsored post promoting their electrical mosquito trap but some user comment not effective. (It is not cheap either) I wonder anyone of you is using it and if you have good feedback about it, do share with me so I can take in consideration in purchasing one. This constant hot weather

The Lion Men 狮神决战来马造势,众演员将出席云顶首映礼及影迷见面会 #TheLionMen

27.02.2014全马上映 演员抵马宣传 夹着《狮神决战》在新加坡勇夺华语贺岁片票房冠军的好势头,导演梁智强率领8位演员 陈天文、张智扬、王伟良、叶荣耀、林俊良、吴清樑、程砚秋及包尔琮 “大阵仗”抵马宣传。《狮神决战》是由“新兵正传”原班人马(张智扬、王伟良、叶荣耀、林俊良、吴清樑) 及在新加坡和中国备受欢迎的资深演员陈天文主演 ,并找来中国95新生代女演员 程砚秋 担任女主角,是一部 舞狮、武打、舞蹈三结合 ,令观众耳目一新的电影。