Deman Denggi, Drought & The Lion Men #TCRandom

Kampung area will be covered with a layer of smoke as I guess that's how they chase away mosquito by burning dry leaves in the evening
Hola people, how was your day today? I hope you don't feel hot with current weather as Melaka is very hot and humid now. *sila hujan* My mind always remind me of "你York了吗?" whenever there is a hot day but the expensive electricity bill stopped me to think of York again haha...

I've been hearing and seeing news that friends/their family got caught up with Deman Denggi because of Nyamuk Aedes. So guys be aware of your housing area/neighbourhood and make sure to check and clear up the possible nest for mosquito. I saw KHIND's Facebook sponsored post promoting their electrical mosquito trap but some user comment not effective. (It is not cheap either) I wonder anyone of you is using it and if you have good feedback about it, do share with me so I can take in consideration in purchasing one.

This constant hot weather will eventually leads to the yearly drought again. So guys, use water wisely or else there might be water shortage again. Btw, will people start blaming Indonesia if haze happen again in Malaysia?

In the middle of KL Rush Hour
All right change topic, recently I've been playing with the tools in Adobe Lightroom to experiment the color tone. I've seen so many VSCOCAM effects and it seems like Adobe Lightroom can created the same effect if you know which properties to edit. Hopefully I will able to get the balance between new effect and color tone to give the images on another new look. If you think there's awesome Adobe Lightroom Presets to share, share with us! I would like to learn more on editing =D

The Lion Men  coming to Malaysia starting 27 Feb 2014
I haven't get to watch Ah Niu's "Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat!" movie but watched "The Lion Men" recently in Genting Highland. Ah.. I miss the cool weather there... Anyway, "The Lion Men" is a different kind of movie featuring traditional and evolved Lion Dance. Through their actions, humour scene and CGI effects that created the 'Iron Lion', it definitely look different if compared with Jack Neo's previous movies ("Ah Boy to Men", "I'm Not Stupid"). Anyhow, I hope that movie's Part 2 will be a compliment to Part 1 and make it as a good whole movie with strong story line. It's good to see many young faces as the new batch of stars and I hope Malaysia can do well too. I've noticed some good actors/Youtubers from Malaysia and Singapore and it is good to see them collaborating and produce a good short film. Maybe they can start to do something even bigger this year!! It would be fun =)

Okay lah enough being random today. Thanks for reading till the end and I hope you have a great weekend! *go mandi*

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