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Astro On-The-Go Pool Party with Sporty Nuffnangers!

Cheerful faces @ Astro's On-The-Go Party!! Did you guys missed out Astro On-The-Go Party ? I didn't =D There were big bunch of cheerful bloggers having fun at the party! Though it rained for a while, the party still went on very well with bloggers playing game and win prizes as a team! Teamwork is important you know? =) The Pool @ 347, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur It was my first time visit The Pool for Astro On-The-Go party. It was a bit hard to find as the entrance to The Pool wasn't that visible. (luckily I got GPS) Yes, there's a water pool that you can jump into. Definitely a new leisure place to hang out. Really cool Astro party backdrop for photoshoot. You can get your polaroid photo here! A huge party backdrop that's made according to Astro On-The-Go interface on iPad. It said snap most creative photo there as the best photo will win an iPad. Rearly? ;p Beautiful Nuffies welcoming the bloggers at the front desk =D Guess

Astro On-The-Go: My New Way to Enjoy Korean Drama!

BIGBANG - MONSTER MV Have you seen the new BIGBANG MV - Monster ? Imagine 'Monster' is a sci-fi movie that you enjoy watching and you will know how the story end in 30 minutes, suddenly you need to leave to do something else....Potong stim right? Don't you wish you can take the whole screen with you and know what's the ending? Or when you are watching the latest block buster on HBO at home then your friend arrives to pick you up and you have to be on your way. Don't you feel frustrated and want to know the ending of the movie? Now with Astro On-The-Go , it is possible that you can catch your favourite show until the end! Watch Astro with your iPad now! From now on, you can watch the best of Astro on smartphones, tablets or laptops with Astro On-The-Go —an innovative service which delivers non-stop entertainment anytime, anywhere. With Astro On-The-Go, customers can enjoy immediate access to Astro TV Channels, LIVE Events, Video-On-Demand (VOD) an

ASUS ROG Tytan Gaming Desktop Dominate the Battlefield

ASUS, maker of the world's best selling and winner of multiple awards motherboards announced today the l aunch of its desktop products line in stores nationwide. To commemorate the event, ASUS also presented its new ROG Tytan CG8565 Desktop . This powerful desktop is powered by Intel 2nd Generation Sandy Bridge processor and NVIDIA's Directx 11-ready GeForce discrete graphics card . "With the new launch, buying an ASUS Desktop means that you get a single on-site warranty covering the entire machine. This provides much more convenient for the consumers," said Jacky Lim, Business Development Director of ASUSTek Computer Malaysia Sdn. Bhd . One button Overclock on ASUS ROG Tytan CG8565 Desktop The light will switch between blue and red color. ROG Mechanic KBM with Cherry Black mechanical switch concept and a gaming mouse GX900 ASUS ROG Tytan Gaming Desktop was claimed to extremely reliable with its DIGI+VRM [New Digital Power Design Era] that provides high system sta