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Wong Fu Productions Visit Malaysia [Interview Photo+Video]

Wong Fu Productions Live In Malaysia @ Taylor Lakeside Press Conference @ Fullhouse Sunway Giza Courtesy of Nuffnang and Inspire.M E I was able to meet Wong Fu Productions a day before the Mini Symposium+Wong Fu 4 Lyfe organized at Taylor Lakeside. I've been following their YouTube channel since I saw David Choi's "Won't Even Start" music video. Yeah music is a good way to spread something nice =) Philip Wang 王振翔 Talkative and very willing to share. Potential actor with many expressions too (Refer to the video at the end of this post) Wesley Chan 陈德伟 Consider quiet during the press conference but when Wes talk you get to hear some quote from him. Why Ted Fu wasn't here? Due to last minute personal issue they said Well, my personal opinion is you'll know why Ted wasn't here once you saw Awkward Penguin, Elephant and Frog released during Wong Fu visit to Malaysia. Philip being illuminated with Blue spotlights (his favourite color accord

AmBank Inspector ATM Launch @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Ambank Inspector ATM Launch Date: 28 Oct 2010 Time: 2pm Venue: Taylors Lakeside Campus, Lecture Hall 12 Arrived at Taylor's Lakeside campus and found that the parking space is definitely not enough. Parked so far because that's the only place have more parking lot. We bloggers had a briefing by one of the Ambank Staff Miss Khadijah about Ambank Inspector ATM . While we waiting for the event to start, that's the time bloggers mingle around ;p Curious Nicholas wanna know more about what we are talking haha Mr. Brad Gravell , Chief General Manager, Transformation, Sales & Channels of AmBank (M) Berhad) share with us about how social media (eg. Facebook) impact the way Malaysia Citizen live. Since the main focus of this campaign s for youth. 76% of all Malaysia Facebook users aged between 18-44 years old. AmBank Inspector ATM was launched on Facebook to reach the widest range of network. Besides that Mr. Brad Gravell share on how we play the Facebook game to w

Taylor's Lakeside Campus Scenary

On a one fine day managed to drop by Taylor's Lakeside Campus for a while to fetch Feeq for Melaka Homestay . The buildings look so nice with the lake especially during sun rise. The scenery would looks better with a wider lens view. Nikon do you saw my need? ;p Did you have a feel studying there? I wish LDP can be smoother with a traffic plan that is better than Jalan Kontra . Personally, I don't think Jalan Kontra is an effective plan. Do you? Stay tune for my Melaka Homestay post. Thanks for reading~!