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Unriddle 2 最火搭档 Popular Crime Investigation Series @ NTV7

Unriddle 最火搭档 2 - Popular crime investigation series back with a darker sequel Have you watched the first episode just now on NTV7? I've watch it and it is really full of action. Thanks to NTV7 I have a chance to meet a few of the cast in Malaysia in conjunction with the premier of Unriddle 2 on 16th May 2012 (yesterday). Check out the photos taken by me my watermark ya, hope you able to see the right and happy moment I've captured instead of what's going to show in the drama. Pretty and handsome who appear @ Unriddle 2 Press Con in Malaysia Tay Ping Hui, Chen Li Ping, Rebecca Lim, Elvin Ng and Huang Qi Ming Fans of popular Singaporean drama series, Unriddle , is expected to rejoice as the highly addictive crime investigative drama series is back with its sequel which is noted for its much darker tone as compared to the first series. “Unriddle 2” which airs every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. on ntv7, starting 16 May , traces the lives of crime-fighting d

The Walking Death Season 2 Premieres in Star Movies HD

Do you like zombie movie? How bout the TV Series 'The Walking Dead"? Season two of FOX International Channels’ original production, “The Walking Dead” , will premier in Malaysia this weekend exclusively on STAR Movies and STAR Movies HD ! An epic, survival adventure series from the director of The Shawshank Redemption and the producer of The Terminator and Aliens, the US premier of this series delivered the strongest telecast for any drama in cable history. “The Walking Dead” is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman which tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. The comic goes on to explore the challenges of life in a world overrun by zombies who take a toll on the survivors, and sometimes the interpersonal conflicts present a greater danger to their continuing survival than the zombies that roam the count

8TV Final Showdown 2010 @ KL Live Centre

Arrived KL Live Centre for Final Showdown 2010 around 7PM ++ and it has already full with people. There were 8TV Crews there to give out freebies like Vitagen, VIP Tickets, magazines. They are damn semangat!! Even parents with baby also was here to support the event. Shh, don't talk so loud... TuXoon was one of the winners who get FREE VIP Passes from here and he did enjoy the live show =D *There are actually people who want to buy VIP Passes for showdown you know?! Thanks LG for the free tickets .* Yay manage to meet ZherPeen in person and take photo with her ;p That night was the Final Showdown of Giller Battle Crew, Floor Fever and Wakaka Crew on 8TV . Broadcast live in KL Life Centre. Hafiz Hatim is the emcee Nowadays our society has widely accepted guy who dressed like girl, even if he looks not pretty enough. PS: Only for show and performance ar Here is the video of Wakaka Crews doing Waka Waka dance . Kinda creative with the flying down. Below are some of the perform

8TV Showdown 2010 Final Winner Wakaka Crew!!

Congratz to Wakaka crew on winning in Malaysia first Showdown 2010 and win RM15,000~! Giller Battle Crew are an awesome dancing crew team too! Top 6 finalists who drop by and performed All I can say, a flexible little kiddo Hafiz Hatim , the emcee who always spill out his tounge. Haha! Congratz again to Wakaka Crew for winning the Showdown 2010~! Btw, do you like my new name card? Thanks @nigelais and somebody who don't want to disclose himself for designing my name card and the logo~! *Anyone wanna sponsor me new grooming set? It is going to finish! =S* Stay tune for more photos ! Probably after I am back from a project in Port Dickson kay? =D For more photos of Showdown Final, please visit my Facebook Fanpage @ here !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of my good friend just had her brain surgery today and I hope she is getting well soon! God bless her kay? If you are reading this, please pray for her too kay? I keep taking the wrong road when I know the news...