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What's The Best Camera To Use in 2020?

What's The Best Camera To Use in 2020? "The best camera, is the one that's with you" To some, photography is just a click of a button but to me, it's about capturing moments that won't be the same again after the 2nd visit. Capturing moments that will be engraved with you for the rest of your life. 🤳 So how do I celebrate these moments? With my #GalaxyNote20 of course! My photos taken with the 108MP camera has never looked so crisp and detailed. The size and vibrancy of the 6.9" AMOLED  screen makes it way easier for me to edit on the go. Capture that moment, but be sure to capture with the best! #withGalaxy #GalaxyWatch3 #GalaxyBudsLive @samsungmalaysia @samsungmobile #TeamGalaxy

My First TV Interview with Bella Mars ntv7

#TCSelfie with Belinda Chee and SonaOne @ Bella ntv7 Studio So there was this one day Lily, the producer of Bella ntv7 sent me an invitation to talk about blogging and find out what male bloggers blog about on Bella Mars Episode.  I was hesitate at first because worry that I will be very nervous and look silly in the TV. But yeah this TV interview opportunity doesn't come everyday (and this will be my first time on TV), so I've decided to go for it and appear wider on the TV hahaha.  After knowing other male online writers who will be attending together ( Niki Cheong, Brian See and Max Law ), I feel relief because I know them in person. I didn't know who will be the host for Bella until the day we got on the TV. It was Belinda Chee , the host I know since 8TV Quickies and it was a pleasure to be on the broadcast channel together. Time does really fly and Belinda has became a mom of a cute daughter and yet still looks slim fit.

My Photo featured in "Menara KL Towering Excellence"

MENARA KL TOWERING EXCELLENCE "Menara KL, Towering Excellence" is a book which talk about the KL Tower , the highest tower in Southeast Asia, highlighting the unique and historical aspects of its construction. This 254-page book, “Menara KL, Towering Excellence”, was launched by KL Tower Chairman, Datuk Othman Abdul in early March 2014. It was aimed at supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to promote interesting places in the country in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year (VMY 2014). The success and achievements of the KL Tower and international events carried out have been compiled into a book of memoirs which also informs the public the idea behind it and the history of its construction. The book is selling at RM120 and can be bought at all major bookstores. The reason I share about this is because one of my KL Tower photos is featured in this book!! Let's check it out! *bangga*

Awesome 'Havoc - Joe Flizzow' Music Cover #MalaysiaBoleh

Elizabeth Tan did an awesome music cover for 'Havoc - Joe Flizzow'  =) Good afternoon guys!! Before listening to Elizabeth's unique twist to Joe Flizzow's havoc , feel free to listen to the original version and then proceed to the music cover done by Elizabeth Tan =) I love her voice and the way she change the melody into something that's more soothing like Yuna and ZeeAvi's music but with her own style.  HAVOC (Official Lyric Video) - Joe Flizzow featuring Altimet and Sonaone  I've been repeating this video for several time so I thought why not I share with you guys as well?? #MalaysiaBoleh and  I hope Elizabeth can do more awesome music covers or even her own original song soon. Jia you!! If you are wondering, Elizabeth Tan is a Chinese but there shouldn't be any selective favouritism based on her race.  As long you are a talented Malaysian, I am supporting you to pursue your dream =) If you know any other talented music YouTuber, s