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Springfield Town Cafe @ Wangsa Maju

Marccus was invited to the opening of SpringField Town Cafe through FaceBook There will be free foods and drinks for people who come So he brings me, Yeng Yeng along and meet Pick San there. Pick San has reach early and waited for us so long. But due to the massive traffic jam... Pick San went home already before we manage to see her... We are really really sorry about that ar T.t Belanja you makan next time kay? ;p So here is the SpringField Town Cafe entrance It is actually located upstair and hardly to find this cafe Basically the cafe is fully decorated with Simpson's stuff. There are Simpson's Family Photos Simpson's Cafe First Customer - Marccus Simpson's Book Corner There are a lots of travel books :) And this is me and Yeng Yeng Took a long rest to let her back pain recover The owner of SpringField Town Cafe was working as an "stewardess @ peragawati @ 空姐" So those are pictures she took when she travel around the

Smelly Day After an Unexpected Terrorism

Today was a smelly day for me and all my colleagues ;p As if some of you haven't know I am working as a R&D Executive under fermentation category. I have start a fermentation culture since last week and it deteriorated when I come back yesterday. So decided to sterilize (kill the microbes) it before wash the fermenter. I used the autoclave machine to sterilize the fermenter and guess what?? Due to the culture was deteriorated, it has already smelly. After sterilization, I was almost suffocated by the odor emitted out from the machine when I opened the cabinet . I quickly closed the door and opened the windows nearby to get those smell out of there... But I failed and the smell spread to the office area which is far away from the lab. Some of my colleague searching for the source and thought it was coming out from the air conditioner. And they finally found out it was the smell of my over-cooked culture and my fault for not using the deodorizer specially used with auto

World Hunger Relief Week

Today after finish work want to eat something special So I went to IOI Mall After walking around I have decided to have my lunch at A&W because of his Root Beer Float The receptionist introduced me this "Hawaiian Treasure Combo" Set + A RM2 donation for the children who need foods with a wristband given It looks like what McD give last time This is the burger I ordered First time tasted a burger with pineapple inside and new flavor of sauce added Maybe it is the pineapple that represent "Hawaii~"? Last but not least, please watch this short clip to remind us something we might forget Please donate to them whenever you are capable! :) ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~. ~.~.~.~ I was asked to take part in collecting old news paper with my friend for a charity and I refused At here I would like to say sorry I didn't go with you all as I don't have the will to do that now Maybe next time ?