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Making of "The Gaga Story of Me, Monkey & Slurpee!"

Whenever there are suitable contest for us to join, there we are getting involved with it~! One day after work, I went to 7-11 to buy the coolest drinks on earth. It is really easy to find 7-11 outlets today. There are even other shops who mimic their shop design. One of the 7-11 around USJ Slurpee , the coolest drink on earth~ After reach Nicole's house we have dinner first and it was cook by Nicole and Wern . I was worried at first time~! However, looks like it has improved from what I've seen in Nicole's Ugly Cooking Series. *evil* The successful steamed egg The Super Sinful Fried Potatoes And yeah a bowl of Chicken Soup with chinese herbs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After dinner we quickly start prepare for the scene. Buncho Crayons is our rainbow tools. It's been long time I never touch a crayon. Happy to draw again~! Then Nicole need some clipping and makeup to suit the photo shooting. Saw the big sweat on Wern's forehead? ;p Yesh, we can dr

Slurpee Funniest Video: The Amazing Disgrace

I hope it's not too much to ask a humble favour from you all.Lately me and my friends were participating in " My Funniest Slurpee Video" . Well, this time we did a video in the swimming pool. Can you vote for us? Pretty please??? *winks* In return of your votes, i post up a sexy pic of me~ Damn sexy rite! Now you have viewed my sexy pic, so please click on the HERE to vote! Also, please drop me a comment after voting. I will personally thank you and click $$ for you too! Thanks ya! Voting ends this Sun ! Vote now before its too late! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` PS: The content of this post is directly from . I just edited the last "sexy" photo that she had.