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Samsung Global Blogger 2012 Winner @ London 2012

Hola gorgeous people who reading this =) Thanks for visit this space as it has been long time I never blog (though just a few days). I've always wanted to share this last year but things keep piling up... anyway I've finally decided to share a little bit of my London 2012 experience here - the wrap party for us Samsung Global Blogger (SGB) after being so hardworking for the whole week in London. Being able to meet Dato' Lee Chong Wei AND Jamie Oliver in person and interview them was one out of many awesome experience I've gotten during this trip to London 2012. The reason why I haven't really share about what I did in London is because I've always caught up with new stuff and need to complete them in deadline. Oh well, I shall start make a change and focus on sharing my past travel experience before I forget them. Check out what happened during our SGB wrap party: Food and beer being served at the wrap party Talented street performer wer

TC featured on Sisters Magazine September Issue 姐妹九月号

Finally I've decided to post this up. Courtesy of Sisters Magazine 姐妹杂志 , I am really honored to be featured in Sisters' September Issue in Lifestyle Category 生活专题 . Best thing is I am in the same issue with Tavia Yeung 杨怡 on the cover hahaha *syiok sendiri* TianChad first time featured in a Chinese Magazine - Sisters September Issue  This is my first time being featured on a Chinese Female Magazine =) Thanks to a friend who did a write up about me and showcase some of the photos I've shared with them. The magazine featured article is in Chinese, talking about how I see and capture the beauty of London through my camera. TianChad - Featured on Sisters magazine September Issue *click to enlarge* Honestly, I have tons more photos taken during my London trip that I haven't share it out... Cos... I am not sure if you guys are interested... Anyhow, below are some photos featured on Sister Magazine: When I was chilling at the park, I saw a lo

Samsung Threaten Bloggers & Cancel Flight - Did It Happen to me?

Yo guys, I am sure some of you guys have read about the article of Samsung flew bloggers halfway around the world, then threatened to leave them there and another article about France who won a contest to go to the London Olympic Games that has been shared on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. I've even got friends who are concern about me and asked if this happened to me as well. So here's a blogpost about it. The first article was about 2 bloggers being sent from India to Berlin to cover some Samsung events, end up it didn't went well and they were told that their air flights has been cancelled; The second post is about France, a female blogger who won a contest to go to London 2010 Olympic Games. I think her main concern was about being followed by creepy personnel that urging her for updates and many more tasks-to-do everyday as she get exhausted. Samsung Global Bloggers gathered up at Chelsea Football Club for our first orientation day! I, as on

Exciting Tennis Match @ Wimbledon with Roger Federer. Yes he won!

This morning some of the Samsung Global Bloggers were headed to Wimbledon for London 2012 Olympic Games Tennis Match. We took the tube then a short 15 minutes walk to Wimbledon Stadium. The weather was cloudy making our walk to the stadium really pleasant. To make it better there was some nice green scenery along the way. Here's my ticket to Wimbledon for the tennis match! We all got front row seats for this exciting match! Thank you Samsung Mobile! One out of many buildings in Wimbledon. There are many tennis court here but we are headed to the No.1 court~ The awesome one! The flowers blooming inside Wimbledon Nice park with fountain and lily flowers in the pond The Olympic Games Tennis Mascot made of plants. I was really amazed by that! Good work by the artist! Olympic Games - Inspire a generation. I hope you are getting inspired reading my #sgblogger photo stories A large crowd of people sitting on the grass enjoying the game l