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5 Minutes Photoshoot with MiinJun

Since today is a weekend, I've decided to post up something casual and photos that @MiinJun , the model has urging me to process since CNY hahaha. Here's our quick photoshoot session during Chinese New Year's visit. All done in less than 5 minutes since MiinJun is very photogenic (since I know her in secondary school) and she know how to pose easy and freely. I remember all she did was just a few turns and spinning around and that's it! I am currently learning on how to play with Lightroom 4 for color editing/enhancement and hopefully it helps in bringing my visual creation to the next level! Here's my favourite Top 5: Intro shoot with MiinJun 5 Minutes Photoshoot with @ MiinJun 5 Minutes Photoshoot with @ MiinJun 5 Minutes Photoshoot with @ MiinJun 5 Minutes Photoshoot with @ MiinJun Click below to Read More

Strong Wind + @fenfen727 = Happiness

Today wind was so strong and according to Feng Shui, today is actually a good day for Chinese to get married and move to new house. Are you one of them? Been busy helping a friend moving to new house and did a celebration. Thanks for the Ice-cream Cake and also the "Homemade Organic 猪脚醋 ". Then at night I asked on twitter what should I blog about. @fenfen72 decided to let me share her photo(which I put a caption on) to entertain you guys.Thanks for the awesome idea and green light to share this photo haha!! I've always wanted to share this with everyone. "Yoo, why the wind so strong~?" This is just a random shot while FenFen greet us at her house's downstair. I guess the caption described her feeling. Hope it made you smile/laugh and you enjoy this short post!! Press the "Like" button if you like @fenfen727 's photo and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad o

April Fool's Rhapsody Chinese Orchestra Concert @ 娱人狂想曲 华乐演奏会

It's been so long that I haven't hear Chinese Orchestra. Thanks Gan for the invite as you help me reminiscence the study life during secondary school ;p "April Fool's Rhapsody Chinese Orchestra Concert" @ 娱人狂想曲 华乐演奏会 is organized at MMU Cyberjaya and it is a mini music concert. They are the young generation who can play Chinese Orchestra. Gan is the handsome guy smiling in this picture. A guy playing the "Zhong Ruan", outstanding because of the bright hair.] The girl sing a song by just using "Ah~", which means no lyrics Some familiar TVB Themed Medley Here is one of the music performance recorded by Nicole: Waltzing Mathilda Don't they look so match with the black cloth? ;p Actually I like the performance most when Teacher WuMi came up on the stage. Oh wait will Nicole[picture above] looks like her in coming years? ;p She makes the performance more lively and yes she is a funny person =) That's the moment I captured people smiled

Random SM3Y'04 CNY

Too much gathering leads to fatigue. So....just a random post ya. Had gathering with secondary school friends and below is the group photo. SM3Y'04 @ Jia Xian House At here I would like to thanks JiaXian for organizing the gathering at his house. Appreciate to him and his whole family especially his mom for refilling the steamboat soup 感恩+++ Last but not least, Random shoot near the "beach" [Picture enhanced by Picasa 3]

TC Recap: February 2009

How are you guys? Hope you guys had fun during new year! Let see what I did last February - The month of Chinese New Year!! Longevity Buffet Dinner @ Renaissance's Summerfields Tons of food at the buffet especially desserts Tian Chad's CNY Chu Yi "初一" @ Melaka Why got Elephants near Melaka River?? Tian Chad's CNY Chu Er "初二" @ Melaka Second day of CNY at home. My grandma is a good cook! Tian Chad's CNY Chu San @ Amigo (Melaka) SM3Y [2004] gathering at Amigo, again. This year will be at different location~! My favourite photo from the event, haha! Tian Chad's CNY Chu San @ at The Jetty (Melaka) Went to Jetty for second round with smaller gang of friends Tian Chad's CNY Chu Si "初四" @ Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka) Next day, another outing. Must fully use the holiday!! Tian Chad's CNY Chu Wu "初五" @ Puchong Then, back to Puchong already, went to Hui San's house and get some angpow Tian Chad's CNY Chu Liu "初六"

PFHS 96th Anniversary - Part I

Okay, I better post about this before PFHS next year's anniversary arrived! You can see my post of 95th anniversary by clicking here. Back to 19th-20th Jun of 2009, I went back to my secondary school and see what had changed and grown. Manage to meet up with some friends and see the performance that came out once a year. One of my friend even married and having 2 daughters now =) First of all, if your monitor screen is big enough, please increase the resolution to 1280 x 1024 for better viewing experience =) I won't write much this time. PFHS 96th Anniversary Marching performance 旗队 @ The Flag Society 童军队 @ Scouts Society 红新月会 @ First Aid Society ? ? Society 学长团 @ Prefect Society "两会" I like the greenish environment of the school now. Got big trees, grass and even bamboo! Thanks to our school gardener. 管乐队 @ Wind Band Their new red uniform After the marching, there are other performance from primary school and PFHS school society too [ Wushu(Marital Art), Tai Chi a