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Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos

[All photos below were taken using Nikon AF-S VR - NIKKOR 70-200mm 1:2.8G Zoom Lens ] To create a quick summary of Konsert Suara Kami , I am here to share photos of all artists including the emcee. Took tons of photos but I will share only some of it for each artist @ Suara Kami Concert 2011 !! Were you there at the SuaraKami Karnival too? I was sitting far away from the stage, therefore this is the best shot for Hujan band . Later then only we went to the photographer zone =) Thanks Astro for that. Aznil Haji Nawawi and Raneeta Battle Ruffneck Soul Crazy - one of the member Yuna - Gadis Semasa Naresh Iyer - Yethi Yethi Chinmayi + Naresh Iyer - Kilimanjaro Eanhitz funny face with Aznil Haji Nawawi Aznilcan talk a lot and really fast Pop Shuvit - Mara Bahaya Psycho Unit - Medley [Cheeky Ponamma + Kuku Be] Psycho Unit - Medley [Cheeky Ponamma + Kuku Be] Psycho Unit - Medley [Cheeky Ponamma + Kuku Be] Jehan Miskin Jin @NajibRazak Twitpict @TianChad at #Suarakami Concert *Sempoi* Naji

Suara Kami Konsert/ Karnival @ Stadium Merdeka Performing Artist

[Update] Took lots of photo during SuaraKami Concert and Carnival.Visit here for Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos Malaysian Youth can expect to party with some of the hottest names in music at the coolest youth concert, Suara Kami 2011 by Astro on 17th September 2011 , 7.30pm at Stadium Merdeka . Suara KAMI Konsert/Karnival 2011 @ Stadium Merdeka 12PM, 17 September 2011 SuaraKami Konsert/Karnival Press Conference @ Zouk KL Outside Zouk was hot, inside Zouk was super cold O.o @EanHitz will be the oen of the emcee for Suara Kami Concert & Carnival 2011 The press conference was started with No Noise Percussion 's performance No Noise Percussion incorporate junk percussion into their performances. They have created their own instruments and arranged the sounds and noises. Some cool dance and synchronized movement were added to create an interesting musical and visual performance.Watch the video below: No Noise Percussion @ Suara Kami Konsert Press Con |