If You Love Puppies You're Gonna Love This

cute puppies sleeping crawling looking for mom's milk
Happy Sunday everybody!! How's your weekend so far?? I've been slowly sorting out some backdated photos in my hard disk and definitely wanna share with you guys some cute puppies photos today. I am both cat and dog person but it seems like I got more fate meeting with the puppies haha.

I met these puppies in Ipoh last year and there were a bunch of them sleeping inside a small wooden house. The owner sprinkled some water because they were feeling hot yet stick to each other sleeping soundly. At first I was just taking photo of them sleeping but the owner were kind enough to let naughty me disturb their sleep and carry them out for a short sunbath and photo opp haha.

cute puppies sleeping crawling looking for mom's milk

cute puppies sleeping crawling looking for mom's milk

cute puppies sleeping crawling looking for mom's milk

As you can see these puppies can barely walk and sleepy all the time. They were lazy to open their eyes until their mom was around and they start hunting for milk. Their mom has this name "Dirty" for an obvious reason, but she was really kind to let us get close with her children. Usually dog motherhood will try to protect their children and bark at human. Maybe I didn't look harmful the other day haha.

cute puppies sleeping crawling looking for mom's milk

cute puppies family photo sleeping crawling looking for mom's milk

We tried to line them up for a group family photo but some of them just wanna crawl under mommy for some milk. Not easy to photography baby, what more can you say bout puppies? Check out the most left puppy kena pushed and crawl over by his brother haha.

cute puppies show tongue
I guess this black puppy started feeling hot hence the tongue is out. Just a few second after it, it yawn~~ *Awww so cute*

cute puppies show tongue yawning

cute puppies walking toward the camera

My favourite picture of course is none other than this one above, this puppy look exactly to the camera and crawling forward with curiosity.

cute puppies mom name called dirty
Their mom with the name - "Dirty"

puppies feeding on mom's milk

There you go, all these puppies were hungry for milk hahaha.Check out that little cute butt below!!

puppies feeding on mom's milk and cute butt

puppy being dragged while sucking for milk
This was a very funny scene, this tough puppy using his strongest bite to get more milk when their mom decided to walk away but ended up kena dragged away together. Well, at least he got to last for a few more seconds before he was forced to release that nipple hahaha wtf

cute sleeping puppies

Puppies are like babies, they sleep a lot and making those puppy sound crying for milk. I hope they are now doing well after so many months has passed. That's all for my cute puppies post today. Hope you like it =)

PS: All photos above were captured using Sony RX100 v1. It was a really nice compact camera. Now I've passed it to my bro since he gotta use it while study oversea. Looking forward to own another camera like Sony RX100 for future~ Which one would you recommend?

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