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11 Things To Do Before Buying New Camera Smartphone

11 Things You Should Do Before Buying New Smartphone Today I am sharing my personal tips including recommended things you should do before buying a new smartphone with good camera. It might be simple but these are helpful tips for you who love mobile photography =) So read it below! 1. Do you WANT it or NEED it? First thing first, technology improve so quickly that the moment you get a new phone, a better one come out a few months later and you asked yourselves, "Why didn't I wait for the newer one?!" Well this happened to me and it was the best choice when I want a new phone. Therefore the moment I am checking out new gadgets, this is the question I keep asking to myself. Nowadays I only buy gears that I really need even-though I want them all. Even camera nowadays has involve so quick that I can hardly stay updated. Remember, it is your photography skill and knowledge that's more important than owning the latest gear, even a simple smartphone can he