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Proton/Lotus-Renault GP Showcase @ Singapore F1, Clarke Quay

Click "Like" if you are visiting here because of the thumbnail of the photo above ;p _________________________________________ Thanks to Proton Malaysia I was invited to cover the events along the trip to Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2011 . Took Aeroline bus to Singapore and a picture of me is enough to explain that. [Fast forward jump] Met up Akiraceo coincidentally at the McD of Harbour Front while both of us lost contact with each other. Haha, Akiraceo was buying ice-cream that time~ Proton and its subsidiary Group Lotus, the title sponsor of Lotus-Renault GP , is making its presence felt in Singapore with a showcase. Me and Akiraceo reached Proton/Lotus-Renault GP Showcase which was located at the center of Clarke Quay, Singapore. Met up with Peggy , Singapore blogger and her boyfriend, Glen Met up with Alvin from Proton Malaysia, thanks for the dinner treat =) Peggy, Alvin, TC and Akiraceo@Miao Lotus-Renault GP F1 car - the main star in the showcase If you’re wonderi

Nikon Exhibition @ Mid Valley 10th Anniversary Fair

Nikon 10th Birthday Anniversary+Celebration Fair @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre . This is a four-day celebration starting march 31, until Sunday, 3rd April 2011 at hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Yes you will be welcomed by Nikon-Sunshine-Girls =) Attended press event early in the morning. Thanks to friends who invite. Aishah Sinclair the emcee * Spot her AIDSAware portrait here * Mr. Tsunoda giving speech. Glad to spot his smile He is sharing about Nikon's history and thank all Nikon user for making Nikon the No.1 brand in Malaysia for six consecutive years . *applause* The official ribbon cutting ceremony for Nikon malaysia 10th anniversary celebration and opening of the exhibition hall for the media to let us have the first glance of the inside view. Before that, took the chance to capture some drum actions. Saw him perform before in 1Utama Japan Food Fair. His student is watching them perform at the end Can see the energy of her hitting the drum? How bout happiness of