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Celcom Broadband Instanet Promo Lowest from RM5

If you are reading this, you are using the internet, which youngster and people nowadays are highly depending on it. Everyday wanna check out the Facebook for latest news, watch Youtube for SNSD / 2NE1 latest song and MTV. What I need the most is my email as it helps me a lot in doing stuff online. Pay my bills online, buy groceries online and most important thing is update my blog to share my photo stories with you guys! But since I will be traveling around and not every place has the FREE internet. Mobile Broadband access is prerequisite for me. Now you can put an end to all your worries, for Instanet is the solution to every network emergency and everyday need. Instanet is the no frills, no hassle, ready to go Internet access . In a gist, anyone can just get online instantly with an easy registration process With RM5 daily you can use the internet whole day at internet speed up to 512 kbps Check out the most affordable prepaid mobile broadband in town now available in dail

Tough but Fun GSC 100PLUS Treasure Hunt!

Here comes the post of me with other 399 participants wake up early in the morning and get ready for GSC 100PLUS Treasure Hunt ! Remember what's my team name called~? Please refer to my previous post about GSC 100PLUS Treasure Hunt . Below is the group photo of all the participants~! Remember to click on it to enlarge and spot yourself inside~! *Click to Enlarge* I arrived quite early that day, luckily got serve us breakfast for coming early ;p Me, Ruby , Eyriqazz and Suresh the Team G+ representing Nuffnang to take part the treasure hunt in Press Category. This is my first time participate a treasure hunt that need to drive~! Along the whole trip, there are some easy and super tough questions that we need to solve. But all the answers are on the shop sign-board one. Besides that, we have some physical challenge too. This is Eyriqazz shooting the ball into goal with the Don't-play-play PCK. Didn't know he is good at football/futsal =D Ah, I admit I am a "kaki bang

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge | Swedish Marque KL

28th August 2010 is Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party with show-stopping entertainers Havana Brown from Australia, DJ Andrew T of Singapore, and KL's very own DJ Goldfish . Admission was by invitation only, which makes the party a bit special. You will need to wear this golden cuff as your pass to enter the party. The venue Swedish Marque was nicely decorated as once I arrived I can see the big bubble lamp showing the way. DustyHawk arrived there early too. Special surprise was awarded to guests who arrive at the party grid early, which we are one of them, each of us receive a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Centenary Edition Blended Scotch Whiskey. This has been my 3rd bottle of JW Black Label since I was invited from both Nuffnang and Johnnie Walker for Step Inside the Black Circuit Pit Crew Challenge. You can read my experience of become a Johnnie Walker Pit Crew here . Was welcomed by Johnnie Walker ladies to register our name and receive the early bird gift =