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Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 Photo Story [Part1]

All right sorry for the long wait especially if you are waiting for the photos! At last I am starting to write about Nuffnang Asia-pacific Blog Awards 2011 and here's a warning of high bandwidth usage if you want to read more photo stories below. I didn't manage to grab invites to NAPBAS 2009 but glad that I got it this time. Many friends asked where's my girlfriend unfortunately she got work to do so cannot attend. I guess the way I dress up for NAPBAS 2011 is the most formal and good looking #likeaboss over the whole year. [Just lack a coat then can go for wedding already wtf hahaha] Every blogger wearing nice coat and beautiful dress for this grand event. I guess tons of female blogger spent lots of time to makeup and groom hair right? Even I myself wear vest and a tie also took 'some time' hahaha. Good to see some female bloggers wearing nice dress designed by local designer. Tried to arrive on time but I miss out the opportunity to mingle with the bloggers

Nuffnang Blog Awards NAPBAS 2011 WINNERS! [Photo Sneak Peek]

All right, I am suppose to sleep early tonight but NAPBAS means quite a lot to me and I feel like blogging about it now no matter how sleepy I am. To keep it short, below are the winners of Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 #NAPBAS BossMing and TimothyTiah giving speech on NAPBAS 2011 @ Marriott Putrajaya Hotel BossMing was gratitude that finally another NAPBAS is happening and glad that they are able to unite the bloggers from different countries! As for Timothy, he did a very well prepared presentation of the Nuffnang story. Who are the winners of NAPBAS 2011? Lets begin!! NAPBAS Best Photography Blog - NAPBAS Best Geek Blog - He is the representative as the blogger is busy playing computer right now? haha NAPBAS Best Food Blog - NAPBAS Best Fashion Blog - NAPBAS Most Original Blog Design - NAPBAS Best Parenting Blog - NAPBAS Best Travel Blog - NAPBAS Best Entertainm

My Nuffnang Story and #NAPBAS 2011

Nuffnang Real Good! Why did I said so? Back in year 2008 I created a blog just because that was the trend among my friends. Just simply create one for free at Blogger/Wordpress and you can start sharing/ranting on that space. Well my first blog post was really short and random. I wasn't really aware of Nuffnang until one day I stumble upon one blog and saw Nuffnang ads that grab my attention. That's when my Nuffnang story begin. During that time I wasn't really care about how to make more money through Nuffnang. The first thing that attracted me was the FREE Movie Screening that Nuffnang is giving out to bloggers who leave just a comment on NN blog post . So always stay tune at Nuffnang Blog if you want to win movie tickets or other awesome prizes like Olympus Pen Lite Camera. I only started attending NN screenings when I got my first job and own a humble car. I will always remember my first movie screening with Nuffnang - "The Punisher" . That's the first