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Topman Design Spring Summer 2010/2011 @ KLCC

This was happened during April 2011 and I kinda forgot to blog about this haha. Anyway, it is never too late to show you Topman Design Spring Summer 2010/2011 which happened at KLCC. I like some of the clothes in this fashion show and gotta thumbs up to Topman who hired correct models to do this catwalk. Topman Design Spring Summer 2010/2011 @ KLCC Topman Design Spring Summer 2010/2011 @ KLCC The usual emcee I saw in high class event There are models and designers as Topmen invited guest. In my point of view, some of them dressed too feminine. But no doubt they are daring enough to do that =) I tried my best to get the best view while tons of photographer blocking in front. (If only I was invited to take their photos and have better view) Therefore you will see photographers' head and arms in some photos. That time I don't own a speedlight yet, therefore you can't see the clothes and model's face clearly. anyway, enjoy the fashion show and tell me which one i

@MarionCaunter Baby Girl Leia Born After Wedding A Year!

After a year Marion Caunter and SM Nasarudin getting married , its time to congratz them as their cute baby girl was born on 16 December and given the name Leia Rose Caunter Nasarudin . Say hi to Leia! Looks like Leia know how to smile even when she was just born =) *cute* Photo credits to anonymous who emailed to RotiKaya Leia is the first love crystal by SM Nasarudin and Marion Caunter after getting married for a year. You can see their wedding photos below: Wedding Photo SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter Marion Caunter & SM Nasarudin Wedding Dinner Photo Marion Caunter Gorgeous Pregnant Photo | Hari Raya+Merdeka! "I'm a proud father to our new lil addition, a beautiful baby girl. Thank you for your prayers & well wishes. Mum + baby, doing great :)", said Nasarudin Nasimuddin. "Thank you all for your well wishes. it has been an amazing journey and we are truly blessed with the arrival of our baby girl. Alhamdulillah." , said Marion Caunter

@NajibRazak Twitpict @TianChad at #Suarakami Concert *Sempoi*

Have you already know about the special appearance of our Malaysia's Prime Minister @Najibrazak and Rosmah at #SuaraKami Concert 2011 ? What bout @NajibRazak took a photo of me and other Malaysia citizen then twitpict it? =D Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah gave us all a surprise appear at SuaraKami Konsert 2011 Looks like Rosmah winks at the crowd with a cute face Out of surprised our PM took out his iPhone and snapped some photos of the crowd. I guess Najib is kinda new to iPhone photography because all the photos has his finger captured too. Well, usually I take photo of people but first time our Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak took a picture of me and other audience too!! *bangga and sempoi* Can spot me and @redbuttockz or not? Haha! Check out some other photos and see if you are in it. Here's a photo of Rosmah with her Golden handbag AND I believe that Rosmah like to *Wink!* Thank you @Najibrazak and Rosmah for dropping by #SuaraKami Concert 2011 although