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Top 10 Katy Perry Teenage Dream Cover

Have you seen Katy Perry's Teenage Dream MV ? I guess Malaysia sure cut lots of the scenes if it is a movie ;p Recently I've noticed that there are more and more YouTube Singer who try to gain more exposure for themselves by record popular music cover. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is just one out of hundred thousand popular hits. Today I would like to share top 10 videos that covered Katy Perry's Teenage Dream . [The videos were not arranged accordingly to rank ya] You can watch Katy Perry's MV first: Teenage Dream - KatyPerry (Director Cut) #1 Megan Nicole - A sweet looking girl with nice voice. My first time listen to her voice. That's how people know about a new talented person. Teenage Dream - Megan Nicole #2 DavidChoi - A guy who has unique voice, talented in create soundtrack and an actor too. He has lots of hat accessories when record a song. One of my favourite artist. Teenage Dream - DavidChoiMusic #3 Tyler Ward - Re-write some o