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Guess Where Were We?

Where did I go and do today? Let the story begin. There are kids who wake up "early" to go out with mom for lunch. Still dizzy I guess. There are some who woke up earlier and stay healthy + active. We had some fun with just eye contact lol Went to bookshop and saw some kids that are eager to learn When I was young I would rather stay in the forest to find spider. When you thought he was alone, Actually he is not By the way, there is a reason I name this fish Nicole Sometimes you can't see the spark of life, Until the sky turn dark This is RedButtockz@Wern , she might look stunned But never fail to have this look Together = Happiness AirAsia can just fly us to any place where we can relax *Was trying to focus the boy and ends up have diff result* Selected some photos and creatively randomly wrote a story to compile today's trip. If I can always travel around the world, snap some photos and share with everyone, without need to worry about monetary issue. That would be

[Save Our Seahorse] - Dugong Where Are You?

The day after our first Seahorse trip, we had our lunch and then continue on second part of the day. Survey for the place/spots where Dugong @ "Ikan Duyung" appear. First Dr. Louisa showed us the bones of a Dugong that had went to heaven because it was his head was hit by hard equipment, probably boat's propeller. Later then we drive around the Kampung, interviewed a few fisherman and "penduduk kampung". Most of them said they didn't see any Dugong but sometimes have a swarm of "grey-colour-dolphin" @ "ikan lumba lumba" appear on the sea. Luckily we found a big family where the grandpa of this family seen Dugong before and told us the story about the "Mermaid Fruits" and the fairy tale of how and why a girl turn into mermaid. Dr. Louisa @ Dr. Dugong Bones Randomly saw this shining spider showing "I-will-attack" pose Dugong's Backbone @ Star Ship Trooper Dr. Louisa used a lot of efforts to clean the bones. The de

[Save Our Seahorse] - At Singapore Bridge

How do I get into this place? See the Mangrove's Tale here =D Those poking out thing are are air roots of mangrove's trees Chris was proved to have the genes of monkey ;p A big clap to ourself because we have passed through the mangrove area and reach the sea side~!Singapore bridge is just behind us! This is R.E.A.L and we are not dreaming. How many people would actually got the chance to stand on the mud and take picture with Singapore's Bridge? =p Do you know that mud can be therapeutic for us? All the mineral salts in the clay/mud can actually make your skin smoother =) *PS: According to YengYeng, the mosquito bites is not itchy anymore after apply the mud* When YengYeng digging the mud we saw something crawling. It is partially permeable and moving like a worm. Later then we figure out that It is a Wormlike Sea Cucumber Soft to touch. Easy to break. I believe it still survive because that's how sea cucumber survive by *potong* itself. I am not regret to bring alo