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Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City #SkyArtsPro

Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City I still remember it was a random photography outing in September that I got myself into. Gary has been planning this with Melody for months and I was like "okay let's just go there kacau to shoot something different" .  I brought along girlfriend to the shoot in KL and the first location was at the parking lot near Pavilion KL. Gary was doing his 'Architecture x Dance' 4th Series featuring Melody and Azmie while I just shooting from the side warming up myself. I was trying to capture something like Gary did but after looking back at the photo series, it seems like I tends to capture more on those candid moments happened between the really-not-easy-dance posing shots.  Gotta say thanks to Melody Tee and Azmie Zanal Abdden for thinking all sorts of dance moves and poses while we composite the photos. I gotta say it was definitely not easy to do all those poses and hold it for as long as they can. I can really