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What Does Travelling Means To Me? #TSBreakAway

What does travelling means to me? What a good question #TSBreakAway asked on their awesome campaign. Yeah, I am going to share about what travelling means to me at this post and at the same time to grab a chance to improve my skills in many ways through travelling around Selangor.  I believe no one hate will hate travelling as it is something that we do to figure out a new place that we never been before and do something exciting that makes you happy and learn something new or even priceless. For me, travelling means a breakaway of me from the busy city life , travelling to somewhere that's closer to the nature and enjoy what has been ignored on this Earth. You need to climb through these big rocks to reach the 3rd hills of Broga Hill For example, I like to hike Broga Hill as that amazing sunrise view from the top of the hill always amazed me. It is the progress that makes me appreciating every bitter moments (tiring hike, mosquito bites, that moment when you run ou