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Behind The Lens: Kevin Then @ SG Bridal House [March 2013]

Peter Tan and Kevin Then at Behind The Lens March 2013 Session Behind The Lens , a place where photographers meet at one same place and learn from one master every month. I've attended quite a few events organized by BTL but now only I have manage to start blogging about this. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, make sure you make your way to Ecoba @ Damansara every first Thursday for the month, I assure you you can always learn something new from them. Yesterday's speaker is Kevin Then, let's check out his provided introduction: " Kevin Then , of Malaysia, co-owner of SG Bridal House for the past ten years, shoots pre-wedding and wedding day photography. Known for making his couples look like stars, Kevin explains, "A wedding photo shouldn't be just traditional with the bride just standing around wearing a wedding gown. My style is to make it more dramatic, more romantic. Like a movie director, I want the picture a certain way, with