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[Photo] CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 [Part 2] #bmmy #cnblueinmy #cnblue

CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 #bmmy #cnblueinmy #cnblue Yeap you read it right. It is CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 instead of 2014 hahaha. Knowing that CNBLUE was here in Malaysia again this year  (CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live In Kuala Lumpur 2014)  has reminded me that I've forgot to put up photos taken during their concert last year. I am not sure how was this year's performance but I bet it would looks great and even better this time. They spoke better Malay this time! It would be fun to capture their precious moment again because I know Yong Hwa will always swing his hair with sweat splashing into the air or the fans haha. I've been trying to attend less event as I find that I have too much scheduled posts that I've promised to share but haven't. So yeah let's start with CNBLUE's photos shall we?? Hopefully like minded organizer will able to see my talent in it and hire me as one of their official photographers!! All I wanna do is to capture the pr

CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 [Part 1] #bmmy #cnblueinmy #cnblue

CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 #bmmy #cnblueinmy #cnblue Since I was invited to be the photographer of the opening act, I manage to grab some time to snap CNBLUE's photo too during their concert in Stadium Negara, Malaysia. No doubt it was a really good production for this concert especially their lighting and sound system. Super awesome! Imagine the blue light sparkles around the stadium with fans holding the LED Light to form the Blue Sea. Between, I've spotted some ninja fans who managed to bring in their DSLR with Zoom Lens in the Blue Moon Zone, I hope you got great photos ya! #cnblueinmy #BMMY #cnblue CNBLUE's live performance sounds as good as their music and their energetic performance (especially YongHwa) manage to capture the attention of the fans and made them scream madly haha. Thumbs up! Feel free to share this with your friends who love CNBLUE too!! Again, you guys are freaking awesome!! View from Blue Moon Zone Glimmering fans with BlueM