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Wong Fu Production & David Choi @ #OHHSOME FESTIVAL 2014 | Avenue K

Back in December last year (13 - 14 Dec), it was #OHHSOME Festival 2014 which was held at Avenue K by Hotlink. There are #OHHSOME Bazaar, Talk, Stage with music performance and special appearance of both Wong Fu Production and David Choi together with other talented YouTubers for the weekend. Since I have good friend's wedding to attend on Saturday, I wasn't able to catch up live performance by talented musician like Elizabeth Tan, Narmi. Thanks to friends from Hotlink, I was able to meet up with Wong Fu Production and David Choi the next day for their Meet and Greet and special bowling session with lucky fans who won the passes through Hotlink Red Apps. No I wasn't there to play bowling with them but it was good enough to greet them in person and see how the fans get crazy with them hahaha. I gotta say 90% of the fans are female and they definitely caught people attention.

iM4U #ReachOutMY Happy Ending @ Taylor's Lakeside! Video inside!

An almost perfect shot to feature all the YouTubers and band performed at #ReachOutMY I missed last year #ReachOutMY concert since it was clashing with another event. So I told myself I should never miss it this year and I am glad I did it! Thanks iM4U for inviting me to cover this event and I had fun covering it although it was really tiring like hell... *heavy camera bags and all and event start from 2pm-11pm* Since I'vegot tons of work to catch up, I will need to finish drafting my blog advertorial first before I can proceed with editing these photos taken yesterday!

REACH OUT 2014 - Meet your favourite YouTubers here!

Reach Out 2014 @ Taylor's Lakeside 5 April 2014 2PM-11PM A cool platform to promote volunteerism to urban youth through sharing of experiences by selected champions of volunteerism who are successful in their own arenas. OBJECTIVES To inspire urban youth by engaging international icons to share their experiences in volunteerism To share that volunteer opportunities come in a variety of exciting platforms DATE : Saturday 5 April 2014 TIME : 2.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. – CONVENTION             6.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. – CELEBRATION VENUE : Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus TO BOOK YOUR SPOT : Register now to book your spot at the convention and win passes for the Meet & Greet Session! Reach Out Convention and Celebration is happening this 5th April 2014, 2pm-11pm, at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus. Entry is FREE! Share this with your friends and get them to register their names as well!

IM4U #ReachOut @ Taylor's Lakeside with Chester See, Jason Chen, David Choi and awesome speakers!

  IM4U’s Reach Out Youth Volunteer Convention and Celebration was held at Taylor's Lakeside Campus on 2nd March 2013. We were told to arrive as early as 8.00AM not to miss anything. Well, I thought I was late when I arrived at 8 something but the gate/registration counter only open around... almost 9AM I guess? Thanks to "Malaysia time" I guess? Yikes~ Morning youth queuing up for the entrance to Taylor's Lakeside Grand Hall Convention Centre Youngster slowly filling up the hall IM4U’s Reach Out Youth Volunteer Convention and Celebration Since 1Malaysia For Youth (iM4U) is a common platform initiated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato' Seri najib Tun Abdul Razak  for Malaysian youth to carry out volunteer activities that can benefits communities in need and social groups, an opening speech by him is prerequisite right? Hahaha! I just wonder why 1Malaysia for Youth is called iM4U instead of 1M4U So confusing to choose

PETRONAS "5 Pillars of Happiness" CNY Campaign to Benefit Charity Homes - Share now!

PETRONAS "5 Pillars of Happiness" CNY Campaign to benefit charity homes Courtesy of PETRONAS, I was invited along with a few blogger friends to attend the launch of PETRONAS 2013 CNY Campaign - 'Five Pillars of Happiness: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition' . The 'Five Pillars of Happiness' campaign takes the cue from the messages in customary getting on the morning of the lunar new year: wealth (禄) ; longevity (寿) ; health (康) ; tranquility (宁) ; and luck(福); and where good fortune befalls when one wishes and does good deeds for others. PETRONAS "5 Pillars of Happiness"     The launching was held at the lobby area of Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, Twin Towers KLCC . I like how the venue was decorated and the loveliest sight is the CNY deco on the chair! Nice Chinese New year decoration We received a CNY door gift that represent the 5 pillars of happiness Luck; Wealth; Longevity; Health; Tranquillity PET

Thank You Teacher!

Before I share a little bit of my secondary school's study life, let's watch a meaningful YouTube video by JinnyBoyTV - The Class Clown . It brought back so many memories while I was still studying in Pay Fong Middle (High) School . The Class Clown - in collaboration with INTI International University & College Does your school has a clown? My class have "clowns" but not a teacher clown. Not much teachers will make fun of themselves to make you laugh haha. However, during my study life, I've stumble upon a few great teachers. Every year, I will head back to my secondary school during its anniversary. Not only I will be able to see beautiful classes decorated by students in conjunction with the school anniversary carnival, it is also a good time for me and my friends to meet our favourite teacher that is still teaching in that school. Pay Fong 98th Anniversary Class Decoration 培风中学九十八周年校庆布置 I am amazed by those creative class decoration that