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35 Photos of Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 - Malaysia @ City Harvest

Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 - Malaysia  @ City Harvest Courtesy of Teark Records and Nuffnang , I got to witness YouTube Musician Jayesslee ,  the beautiful twins with angelic voice (which are now both mom) to perform live at City Harvest. At first I thought it will be inside a church but the set up inside there can definitely fit tons of people with great lighting for music showcase. I kinda like it =)  I was sitting at the side and not convenient to move around hence kinda challenging to capture nice photos from this angle. Anyhow, I really enjoy their performance because Janice and Sonia are both very compatible on duet and that night they even invited Jordan and Shane (their babies) up on stage for a song or two. I can hear the crowd go "Awww~so cute" the whole time when the babies were on stage haha. That night Jayesslee did a lot of music cover ranging from classic to latest song by Taylor Swift, including K-Pop Taeyang's Eyes.Nose.Lips. Most importantly

[VIDEO] Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 - Malaysia ft Baby Shane & Jordan

JAYESSLEE ASIA TOUR 2015 - Malaysia | Videos Highlight Hey guys, since it is the weekend I bet you guys not ready for tons of photo in this post (actually is because I am still processing it), I shall share some video of Janice and Sonia a.k.a. Jayesslee who had performed in Malaysia together with their babies Shane and Jordan on stage. I've decided to take video instead of photos during that time because motion pictures can tell you the story better.  Shane and Jordan are both so cute and Shane always smiling and hyped up the other day!! Other than that, some of the videos today are song sang by Janice and Sonia including Officially Missing You, Taeyang's Eyes.Nose.Lips, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Shane and Jordan, All of me, and so much more. So please watch the videos below and Like/Favourite when you do~ Happy weekend guys with their angelic voice ya! Take care!! Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend

Sweet Potato Leaf Soup 番薯叶 枸橘子 菜汤

Sweet Potato Leaf Soup with WolfBerry Since I've quit my 9-5 job I am now with a tighter pocket and that's why gotta save more money. This is one of the reason I start learning to cook by myself. Initially all I know to cook are Maggy Mee and spaghetti only because all flavouring, ingredient and sauces are prepared. But now I would like to try more and it start with vege soup. My sister said Sweet Potato Leaves (番薯叶) is one of the vegetables that can detoxify your body and maybe can cure my pimples too. It does have lots more benefits by eating this vege! So I tried it out with these ingredient: 1 packet of Sweet Potato Leaves 1 spoonful of WolfBerry (枸橘子) - which is good for eyesight A pinch of salt I like clear soup instead of one with so much oil. That's why my soup in the above picture looks really clear. Here's some tips on preparing this soup. Sweet potato leave doesn't have thick leaves, so you just need to cook it for a short period of time wit