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TianChad featured on Clive Magazine Dec 2010

[Attention: This is a "syiok sendiri" post just to fit why-so-serious-Sunday] I always buy some Men's magazine for reading materials and also to join their contest. Clive Magazine Malaysia is one of them. Spotted myself and friends featured in Clive December 2010 issue for Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience @ Sepang International Circuit . Featured on Clive Magazine Dec 2010 Still remember I was very happy to be invited and went there as a media+blogger for the launch of JW Pit Crew Contest . This was totally something interesting to blog about. Thanks to Nuffnang =) ShaolinTiger is one of the Pit Crew too =) I thought able to have a photo with the JW Racing car is one big achievement already. But until I was given a chance to be a pit crew (once a life time without need a cert!). The experience is awesome and hardly describable =D Thanks to Charles and Prakaash for it. So I was so serious to try my best learn everything in one day Noticed that team work is very impo

My Selangor Story 2010 Winner Announced @ Delicious

So here are the My Selangor Story 2010 (Season 1 ) winners for all different category. Winner list as below: Dania Ryezel (Grand Prize) Chen Tian Chad (1st R/Up) Thristhan Subramaniam(2nd R/up) Nicole Chua (Msxeroz) (Most Creative Blog) Iman (Eyriqazz) (Most Interactive Blog) Dylan Phuah Zheng Dong(Best write-up) Norman Ng (Best Video) Firdaus Feeq(Best Photos) A group photo of MSS bloggers with all the sponsors + YB Elizabeth Wong =D Honestly I would like to thanks My Selangor Story and the sponsors because you guys have give us a brand new opportunity to travel while blogging! Of course without super supportive readers and friends who had voted for my post I would not get to win that title. Thanks everyone and I really really really appreciate it! Below are my winning posts for My Selangor Story, please feel free to read it =) Firefly, iCity & Uptown Shah Alam Royal Selangor Knock Knock Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show ChinSweeTemple + KanChing Waterfall + Fireflies http:/