My Favourite BigBang Style - TaeYang Six Pack Abs

Yo yo yo! I guess every BigBang's fans has been acknowledged about their upcoming BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 @ Malaysia Stadium Merdeka [27 Oct] right? So who hasn't got their ticket?!  Let see what has change from time to time. Obviously, they are getting even more famous nowadays with their music talents.

 This is how BigBang looks like in few years back:

All looks like teenager don't they? =) That time hair was still black
 Check out their MV recorded in year 2009 - Last Farewell
Now BigBang, like Samsung, have evolved over the years – they’ve pushed the boundaries of style and design. You can see the difference if compare their looks from year 2009 with current looks. The most obvious one is none other than their hair colors. It can be red, blue, green purple ....+++

Anyhow here's my favourite BigBang Fashion Style:

Plain color shirts with some striking red
Simple black and white design with stripes and checkered shirt

BigBang in formal wear. I prefer TaeYang's style
This will be something cool to try out =) Top's outfit looks best
I don't mind wearing these =)

BIGBANG latest Fashion Style that come as a matching group
*by the time I posted this photo I think they have new style again*

After googled tons of images, I guess I still prefer to see BigBang in simple colors outfit. Mainly Black & White with an addition of some striking color. That's what I would wear on the street and people won't think where the hell I come from.

PS: If you wanna grab people's attention, make sure to choose striking color shirt and pant as human normally easily attracted by colourful stuff. It would be best if you can dye your hair with rainbow series striking color too. Confirm no one will miss it hahaha!
TaeYang with his funky hairstyle. No I won't dare to try this hahaha
TaeYang - I Need A Girl
If you want me to choose one of the BigBang member as my favourite idol. I will choose TaeYang. Well, among them all I think TaeYang is the most masculine person in the group. TaeYang is a good dancer, good singer together with good body build too. GD & TOP looks like there are meant to be together hahaha. I do admire GDragon's rapping skill though. SeungRi? He is good at luring the girls ;p

Seungri pretending he is taking off his pant
Still remember me and Akiraceo went to Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2011 together? We had awesome fun there including an exclusive garage walk and enjoyed concert from Korean Popstar like Seungri, GD&TOP, not forgetting the powerful vocal Linkin Park +++

Feel free to read my Singapore F1 Grand Prix Journey here:

TaeYang with six pack abs
What TaeYang inspired me most is to train myself have a fit body like him la. My singing and dancing skill wouldn't be able to compete with his natural born character haha. So yeah, let's hope I can have my own six pack abs soon! Live healthy and look good at the same time, good right?

PS: Do you know that six pack abs is a magical aprt of the body that can woo the girls? It need tons of hardworks to get this wash abs board.

Between, here's something to share with you guys, if you didn't manage to get your ticket to BigBang Live Tour Concert coming up in Malaysia. Here's your chance to get Limited Edition BIGBANG GALAXY S3 Back Cover together with VIP Concert Tickets!

More information of BigBang Live Tour 2012 Concert Giveaway at

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Bigbang alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia Samsung GALAXY S3 Facebook Apps Photo
Now I can have this photo as my S3's Wallpaper
Photo created using Samsung's BigBang Facebook Apps
PS: I wish that I could join the concert night and snap awesome photos of this talented K-Pop group and share with you guys! Let's hope my dream come true =D Samsung Malaysia I hope you heard me!! *finger crossed*

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