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Under Armour Mid Valley Megamall & Earn Your Armour Challenge with Brand Athletes

Under Armour new brand outlet in Mid Valley Megamall With the the power of social media and exposure by Under Armour Malaysia Brand Athletes , Under Armour has become well known in our country although they are still new in Malaysia Market. Just months after launching their first Malaysia Brand Store in KLCC, they are now having their third brand store in the Mid Valley Megamall . (Second Under Armour Outlet at Pavilion) One month ago, there was this special Under Armour launch event held at Mid Valley Megamall where UA Brand Athletes organize fitness workshop in conjunction with its Earn Your Armour (EYA) campaign . The EYA campaign is a part of a global initiative to educate the public about healthy lifestyle and fitness concept. EYA Malaysia is a six-week challenge programme to enable participants to join free workout sessions conducted by Under Armour's gym partners. Throughout the challenge, participants will gain encouragement and training tips from the trainers who

All-Day Flat-Belly Meal Plan

Ever wanted to open your shirt confidently? Your weight loss efforts should begin the moment you wake. Here’s a simple menu for one day of healthful eating. Repeat as necessary: 6:30 a.m. The moment you wake up, drink a glass of skim milk. The protein will energise you, dampen your appetite and prime you for a low-glucose carbohydrate breakfast that’ll supply long-lasting energy. 7 a.m. You need to eat early in the day or you’re doomed to high-calorie, fatty binges later. Stuff down some high-fibre oatmeal. Add brown sugar for flavour or cantaloupe chunks for bulk. 10:30 a.m. Have a piece of fruit—an apple or a pear. The goal is to never get hungry. 12:30 p.m . Midday meals need to be protein-heavy to keep you mentally alert and to ward off the afternoon slump. Think fish, chicken, or beans. 4 p.m. Mid-afternoon is when your natural cravings for food hit their zenith. Any fat you eat will quickly fire up your appetite for a high-fat dinner. So eat a high-fibre