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How I Got My First Car & How You Should Get Your First Car

I consider myself one lucky guy as after I graduated from uni and I need to work in town, I can just borrow my father's old car and use it for work/travel. I still remember my father had this Proton SAGA for a very long time since I was 9 (I guess...) and it is still working good for me. Believe it or not, this Proton's air-conditioner always work wonders and able to function properly although the car is very old already. I gotta admit because of my humble Proton SAGA I get to visit many places and attend numerous events. This Proton somehow contributed a lot in helping me to build my full-time blogger career too. Without this car, I don't think I can attend events on time. Imagine you need to take the public transport and accept overcharge taxi-fares just to go to the city! Unfortunately my house is not near to any LRT and I must have a car with me! I bet some of you guys who like to attend events would like to have own transport to go anywhere you want right? The o

My First Radio Interview with Bernama Radio

Me together with DJ Gerard Ratnam Apa khabar semua, yesterday 20th Sep 2012 mark the day I had my first radio interview with Bernama Radio! I was the special guest of the night for Bernama Radio's 'The Lounge @ 8Twelve Live' session : "From time to time, this talk-back slot features a special guest every time and showcases topics from politics and economy to entertainment and sport! Interact with our guest in the studio by calling 03 2692 7939 or forward your comments on Bernama Radio's Facebook page ( )" Well, I can't say I wasn't nervous because when there is something new that I've never experience before I will feel insecure. Worry about what would happen and how should I handle it haha. Especially when I heard about Bernama Radio I thought I must speak in Bahasa Melayu. Luckily after asked my blogger friend - Merryn who was featured not long ago, she told me the show will be in

Genting Palace @ Maxims Genting Hotel [Review]

Restoran Genting Palace @ 2nd Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel After our succulent lunch at Ming Ren Restaurant , we then check in to our room at Theme Park Hotel to have a short-rest. Didn't do much thing except going around Genting Highlands to check out the crowd. Time passed really fast and we were at Restoran Genting Palace for dinner already! Check out all the dishes below that will cost you around RM2,500 . Thank you Genting for the treat! Genting Palace is the place to head to for authentic Cantonese cuisines . Located at maxims Genting, the restaurant has long been a favourite of visitors to Genting Highlands Resort for its wide selection of dishes, comfortable dining area and friendly service. Apart from the tantalizing selection of dishes that are available in the menu, the restaurant also offers Dim Sum and Monthly Specialties . This restaurant is an ideal venue for dinner gathering with family and friends and corporate functions. You should try Genting pala

My 1st Birthday Celebration in 2011. Cheers!

Since not everyone is free to celebrate my birthday on the most special day of the year (the day we see the most fireworks in a day), I've decided to celebrate it earlier with a bunch of close friends. Nicole and YiWern were good enough to give me surprises with the party attendee and a special appearance of my "very close friend". They can really make me smile =D Talking about party it will never be complete without a beer session! Heineken - one of my favourite beer for a great party =) But before that, I must make sure everybody fill their stomach before the party goes on! Some of the awesome food that we've ordered @ Italiannies The Spaghetti w Salmon is the best ;p A bunch of close friends who able to attend today! [Top-right] Ange, Shereena, my sweetheart , Cassandra and BlackSwan Nicole hahaha [Bottom-right] Koko, Jack, always checkered shirt boy, Sarita, and Marshall posing #likeaboss [Top-left] This is the special guest of the day "my very close