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"Pledge to Live Green Now, Save the Sea Turtles!" - @wwfmy

Do you like nature? I do! My earlier trip to Pulau Kapas, Terengganu was awesome especially when I was able to see healthy corals together with fishes swimming in the sea. Nemo hiding in the living purple anemones *Captured using my compact cam with DICAPAC waterproof case* ;p We went to different snorkeling spots and tried our luck to find at least one turtle! I saw a lot of sea urchins, big clams and fishes, but I wasn't able to spot any sea turtle... Therefore, together with my friends, we did an extraordinary mission, which is to kayak all the way from the Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort (bottom of Pulau Kapas) to the Gemia Island (top part of Pulau Kapas) just to check out their little turtle sanctuary. Sea turtle at Gemia Island There's a pond that contain new born and adult sea turtles at the pond in Gemia Island. So far I guess that's the easiest place for you to spot living sea turtles when you travel to Pulau Kapas. Sea turtles fe

Sunway Pyramid Earth Hour 2011: Before N After

Sunway Integrated Resort City presents 60 Earth Hour 26 March 2011 My first met with Sunway group was during My Selangor Story Blogging Contest. That time I was having great fun especially in Sunway Lagoon Outdoor Themepark . See my Bungee Jump video here . On 26th March 2011, we are having something special just for Sunway and reader. I grabbed the chance to snap photos of Sunway Pyramid switching off their lights during Earth Hours. Three different locations to shoot in just one hour time! First I drop by the Earth Hour venue just infront of Sunway Pyramid lion head. RinaOmar was the emcee of a programme. Have you seen all the colourful signature behind Rina? Malaysia have lots of creative peeps =) @soowincci and Sunway VIP was there People signing on the Earth hour Board with colourful marker pens I signed too with a green marker pen ;p So I visited this room in Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel because I am gonna stay there for one night because Sunway love me s