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Taman Pertanian Malaysia: The Dam

After visiting the fish farm in Taman Pertanian Malaysia , we move forward to the next stop. Just like how the termite did. They are small but they are strong when bite~! It is normal to see termite moving in group. We stop by near Perkampungan Budaya to have our lunch and the house looks creepy for me. Even have bat hanging under the roof. I guess it is suitable for Malaysia to cast "Pontianak 3" movie at here. Seldom see cicada shell in full form =) Pretty not? There are lots of aeroplane flying on the sky and MAS is one of them After lunch we continue our trip and climb over multiple hills. This hill is making us damn tiring and I was forced to push the bicycle instead of ride it uphill. So do the girls. Except Xeroz who is energetic enough to ride bicycle all the way up! And even volunteer to help the ladies. Yes, he is a gentleman. At last! We reached the damn dam. Water plant with blossom on the surface of the water. We manage to see a swarm of fish swim freely in

Taman Pertanian Malaysia: Fish Farm

Last year May 2009 [Yes, this is a very due post!] me and a bunch of friends went to Taman Pertanian Malaysia at Bukit Cahaya for a one day trip~! A day which we all get close to the nature and do everything we don't usually do. Since this is a very due post, you would notice some of us have changed in width and height ;p In morning we had Nasi Lemak + Nescafe [Ange and YengYeng] Noticed that Agricultural Park Malaysia is so huge The funny pose that I requested when the trip just started The tiring face after continuous climbing up the hill Woot! A narcissist picture Saw people planting using EM1 =) Very rare to see these big end in the town. Don't ever let them bit you. After a period of time, we reached the fish farm They looks like people skiing in Sunway Pyramid, spinning round and round We can actually feed the fish =D Would you want to get close with them? The Xeroz Couple - Nicole and ZiJian He was fishing there and willing to give me a *piece* We borrow others peopl