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MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 | How to Get Passes?

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is back again this year! This is one of MTV's most recognizable and eagerly anticipated events. This global series reaches over 550 million households worldwide and features the hottest music artists performing at unique locations around the world. Music fans in 162 countries are transported to front row seats somewhere in the world to experience their favorite recording artists live. This time the performing artists are Katy Perr y, Tokio Hotel, Wonder Girls & Bunkface . Wah I super like Wonder Girls even before I met the Malaysian Version's Wonder Girls ~! HOW TO GET PASSES FOR MTV WORLDSTAGE 2010? You can get your exclusive money-can’t-buy passes by reloading RM50. 1. Type and send MTV to 28881 and wait for a confirmation. 2. Reload RM50 upon receiving confirmation SMS and wait for your mobile voucher. 3. Once you have received the mobile voucher, redeem it at the Ticket Hotline office at NO. 96B, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Tama

Motorsport Division | Bandar Sunway

Courtesy of BlupBlup , glad to have a chance to visit Motorsport Division(Bandar Sunway), a place where you can make your car looks nicer and awesome! Best of all your macho car can looks exactly like how you wish with Motorsport Division. Motorsport Division(MSD) supports car enthusiasts and provide services such as Exhaust System Upgrade, Engine Management, Carbon Fibre Product, Wheels / Rims, Sport / Racing Tyres, Body Kits, Engine Components (high cams, stroker kits, over size / forged piston), Racing Seats, Interior Accessories, Brake Systems, Cooling System (Aluminium Radiator, Intercooler), Fuel System (fuel pump, fuel rail, fuel regulator), Customized car Stickers / Body Vinlys, Super Charger, Suspension System and Turbo and many more. All cars in this blogpost are specially customized, upgraded, modified to the user expected level. Let see how nice they can looks like okay? Shining huge BMW like the Transformer Fire blowing exhaust pipe Sparkling sh

espresSOUP @ Low Yat | BlupBlup

On 30th of May 2010, I went to espresSOUP @ LowYat with Rames and Tallboyz because BlupBlup is treating us bloggers a free lunch!! The first thing that catch my eye is the farmer's bread decorated on the shelf. One of their specialties is their varieties of high concentrated thick soup. They have Chunky Mushroom, Creamy Pumpkin, Clam Chowder, Fresh Broccoli and Classic Minestrone. Even the menu is so easy to read =) It is always good to go with a combo espresSOUP may looks like a small place, but the servants inside are effective enough to serve everyone on time. "Express" Soup ma =) The farmer bread were meant to be eaten together with the soup. I choose the Fresh Broccoli because broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetable with tons of vitamin. Besides soup, they also serve es Salad es Bites and also es Pasta This is how the Clam Chowder Soup In Bread looks like. Tried it and it tasted very nice especially when it is thick enough. You can order different ki