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Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

Nowadays there are more smartphones available in the market, but not all user use it in the smartest way due to some reasons. We do know that smartphone can now do more thing compare to old age just-for-dialing-phone. Not only we can listen to the music with great sound system and play games, we can also surf the internet for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, BBM(BlackBerryMessenger), Youtube and most importantly is the Push-email. But surfing the internet is expensive if you are not using any smart plan. Smartphone is a dumbphone when dumb people using it only for call/receive call. I've seen some people who using smartphone (eg. iPhone, BlackBerry) only to receive call, and that's all they do with a smartphone. What a waste?! Smartphone is also useless when it is without application. Imagine BlackBerry without BBM(BlackBeryMessenger). But even if it have, without a good internet mobile service provider, we can't surf the internet frequently because it will cost us a bomb! S

Bye Bye to BlackBerry Curve T.t @ Nuffnang Office

Today I took half day leave to go to return my 1 month trial BlackBerry Review . Visited Nuffnang office and most of the nuffies are inside the office =) The signboard told me: "This Way to return your BlackBerry" Being introduced to everyone but I only can recall some of their name because there are just too many of them! Seems like there are more and more photos and arts being sent in for Nuffnang footprint =) Spot yours here! Nuffies Jestina ( @Jstna )and Xinxian ( @fresh026 ) Me and Freshie =) Me and Jestina =D So how do I feel after living with Blackberry Curve for 1 month? I was closely attached to the ability of BB that can provide [BBM, FB, Twitter, Email +++] and it definitely give me all at ease. However, I feel that I spending too much time on computer already, so there shouldn't be anymore on mobile phone. Or else I would get a BlackBerry neck pain =S I can foresee that in coming days people would stick to their handphone 24 hours, bring it along anywhere a

Uncovered DiGi BlackBerry Smart Plan

Have you read about my Unlimited Experience when using DiGi Smart Plan for Blackberry ? How bout a small review about the Blackberry Curve 8520 ? You should read this because I don't want you guys missed the chance to get a BB and save more~! Let me just say 3 simple point that I have uncovered: 1. With just RM58/month you get to have unlimited email, unlimited MSN, Unlimited Facebook/Twitter which includes also Unlimited internet surfing~! 2. Zero Commitment - You only pay what you have use and the rate + charges is very reasonable. What more? The cheap rate of charges is applicable to ALL networks ~! 3. Great Saving - The more you use the more you save. How great is that? =D Personally for me, this is what I uncovered: 4. UberTwitter - Another platform for you to stay connect with friends updates in 140 words. That's how I manage to see updates of Marion Caunter at anytime 5. BlackBerryMessenger - It is a big saving for you on SMS when your other half also have a B

Blackberry Curve 8520 Reviewed

Thanks DiGi and Nuffnang I was given a chance to review DiGi BlackBerry Unlimited Plan which comes along with a BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone. What does UNLIMITED means to you? For me it means..... [Click Here to check my previous post] This time I am gonna share what I have discovered when using a BB. First of all is their Qwerty keypad , although it is kinda small at first use, I still can type faster and more correctly when compared to a touchscreen mobile phone. Most symbols are already on the keypad With the sufficient built-in flash memory [256MB], I can always watch video in smooth speed. Just like their design, smooth and curve. I like the speaker that comes along with dedicated MediaKeys which is at the top of the phone. It makes me easier to listen to my favourite music. Such as Music video above When Loes Take Over - David Guetta Ft Kelly Rowland. BlackBerry Curve8520 is not a bad music player after all even though it is a smartphone =) There are many new things