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Celcom BlackBerry Bold 9780 and other BB! Which is better?

[Sponsored Post] Hey guys, I am sure you all know I am using a BlackBerry if you follow this space few months ago =) I would like to say it really helps me a lot in many ways. I can surf the internet without a laptop, check and reply my emails, play music and Youtube, the most enjoyable thing is I can be active on social media (Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare) 24/7! (When I am awake of course) Wanna see how I unboxed the Blackberry Bold 9700? Use the Google search at the top right corner of this page and type "BlackBerry" BlackBerry Bold 9780 *From the cover it looks exactly the same as BlackBerry Bold 9700* BlackBerry Bold 9780 T op Features As Below: BlackBerry 6 Packed with the new BlackBerry® 6 OS, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780 will drive you towards simplicity with a touch of class. Not only will you be able to update all your social feeds at once, you can also surf websites faster with a richer and more engaging interface. Exceptional battery life The BlackBerry® Bold™ 978

World Cup Street Party | Bangsar Telawi 3

Here is a longer post of World Cup Street Party organized in Bangsar . Lots of people heading to hear and I think almost all are over 18 years old because some people look so young. Luckily there wasn't any raid. Blue Lotus Exige S Was there with Amelia , Hafez nad Sam. I was told by one of the event personal that DSLR is not allowed in the event! So from now on all photo are taken using my new Blackberry 9700 . How I wish they got inform all of us earlier so that no need so ma fan. You just need to guess how many balls was around the Lotus then you might just be the lucky 5 to participate in the Win Lotus game. *Cynthia Chung from P1 presenting the prize* First booth that we all visited is the P1 booth. The brand new P1 Wimax enabled laptops were there too. I just simply guess what is the creature inside the jelly box and I won a P1 bag. (Last time got purple/pink from Nuffnang, now I got green color one) There is a guy "kissing" guy games called Midfield . You