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Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square Grand Launch [Part 1]

Grand Opening of Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square & Amber Chia's 30th Birthday Celebration It's my honour to be invited to this event as I can be one of the first person to step inside Amber Chia Berjaya Times Square and have chance to snap pictures of good looking people and of course talents who brought Malaysia Fashion to the next level. Now more and more Malaysian can achieve their modeling dream easier with the guides from local professionals =) The huge crowd outside Amber Chia Academy Berjaya Times Square Amber Chia, with Jimmy Choo among the crowd =) ACA BTS is the fourth academy launched in Malaysia, with other academies being located at Jaya One (Petaling Jaya), Malacca, and Penang. Amber Chia 's resolution for the year 2011 is to establish three academies in total by year end. Come today, she has exceeded her expectations with the grand opening of ACA BTS. Co-incidentally, to make this even more joyous occation, the grand open