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Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere & Review [Photos]

Do you remember the Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Premiere Ticket Giveaway that was held not long ago?? Yeah this is an exclusive screening for kung-fu fans and lucky blogger like us. Congratz again to all winner who won premiere tickets through this channel and apologize for having you guys sitting at the front row and hope you didn't sprained your neck. Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere @ GSC Pavilion Look at the brightside, because of sitting at the front row we were manage to snap this press-look photo. However, it will still be better if we can sit at the behind because it is not really comfortable to position your head way up high to the screen for almost 2 hours. Bloggers who attended: Merryn Tan , Jess Lee , YiWern , Amelia Ling Leopard print = Gangster. No? YiWern, TC, Aki with fluffy hair , Merryn, Kelvin Tan , Jess Lee and Benjamin Foo A waiter with bright smile that serve us food and make sure we are not starved. Thanks! Artist started to arrive at the red carpet accompany by gang

Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Premiere Ticket Giveaway!

[UPDATE] Fist of Dragon 龍拳 Gala Premiere & Review [Photos] Fist of Dragon 龍拳 “Fist of Dragon” is an action comedy that revolves around a town that is controlled by local triad and gangsters. Uncle Chen, a coffee shop owner in the town faces many hardships caused by the local triad. His nephew, Jie tries to help by fighting off the triad but ends up causing more problems. Jie's actions soon bring the wrath of the triad and drag the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, Uncle Chen’s daughter, Lily is on the triad side and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the triad and the townspeople reach its peak. 《龙拳》是一部黑社会动作喜剧,故事是述说一个由黑社会控制的小镇里,一间咖啡厅老板陈叔叔面对着当地黑社会给他造成的麻烦。陈叔叔的侄儿,阿杰尝试帮陈叔叔解决黑社会所造成的麻烦不过却招惹了更多的问题,因为阿杰的举动招惹了当地黑社会也因此牵扯到了整个城市动乱。 此外, 陈叔叔的女儿, 莉莉也是当地黑社会的一分子也因此严重影响陈叔叔与当地人民和黑社会的对抗。 ############################# 龍拳 Fist of Dragon Official Trailer [2012] “'Fist of Dragon” starring Henry Thia and Fiona Xie. The movie is a co-production project between Sin