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The Perfect Gentleman Top 16 Press Conference @ Parkroyal Hotel

Here's the actual event post for the unveils of 16 finalists for The Perfect Gentleman @ 魅力型男 at Parkroyal Hotel, KL. You can read this post for quick knowledge of all 16 contenders. Half of them come from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, this indicate that people in the city is more charming? Many of them are still students too. Heard that there was an engineer who resigned just for this competition because he wanted to try something new and make a change to his life. Sounds adventurous & daring enough? Here's a group photo of the gentleman, organizer and sponsors. Lai Cheah Yee , Manager, Brand Management Group of ntv7 said, “ntv7 has taken a bold initiative to hold the first male pageant TV show in Malaysia, which provides an opportunity for local men to showcase their talents and charm. The auditions successfully attracted 467 Malaysian men who dared to confidently express themselves and bring out the best in themselves.” The unveils of the contenders through some perf

M'sia Perfect Gentleman 16 Finalists Unvieled 魅力型男 @ NTV7

After the audition of The Perfect Gentleman @ Kuala Lumpur , finally all 16 Perfect Gentleman Contenders unveiled @ Parkroyal Hotel today. Here are some of the sneak peek photo of the event. More photos soon! M'sia Perfect Gentleman 16 Finalists Revealed @ Parkroyal Hotel, KL The search for the nation’s first reality male pageant TV show by ntv7 , The Perfect Gentleman, has finally come to an end. After going through rigorous recruitment and screening processes among 467 participants across the country, 16 good-looking and talented men have been selected for the show . Malaysia’s beloved TV host, Hoong JiaHui , will host this prestigious reality show, which promises to be exciting with steaming hot contestants who are sure to steal the hearts of viewers. A fierce battle is about to begin! The Top 16 crème de la crème aged between 19 to 41 years old who came from various states including Kedah, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Sarawak and Sabah were said to have plent

The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 @ NTV7

For the first time in the history of Malaysian television, viewers will get to witness a beauty and talent pageant for Malaysian Chinese men. The Perfect Gentleman 2011 is the ultimate contest of personality, talent, and style as hot guys from all over the country sweat it out to win the coveted title. The Perfect Gentleman is a bold initiative from ntv7 to search for the finest man in the country, while providing an opportunity for young men to showcase their talents. The Perfect Gentleman is one such platform that enables the unearthing and recruiting of more talents. T he Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 @ NTV7 "由本地阖家中文娱乐首选电视频道ntv7首个为大马男性精心策划的电视选秀《魅力型男》,将提供一个优秀扎实的媒体平台,以全方位考察及发掘华裔“魅力型男”的潜力,寻找出一位集合个性魅力及优秀实力于一身的华裔“魅力型男”. 今年ntv7将大胆举办大马首个电视男性选秀《魅力型男》,让本地男性可以有机会一展自己的内外在魅力.《魅力型男》除了提供平台给参赛者们,同时也延揽发掘深具优秀实力的大马男性." In mid of April the audition for The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 has been consecutive held at different place to find Malaysia first perfect gentleman with both looks and in