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【#SaveMoney】Pump Petrol SETEL Using Smartphone, Get Cash Rebate Instantly & Win Mercedes-Benz

【#SaveMoney】 Pump Petrol and SETEL Using Smartphone, get RM5-RM7 Cash Rebate Instantly Have you heard of SETEL ? Now you can use this mobile apps to setel(gaodim)your purchase of car petrol at any Petronas Station in Klang Valley. It is going to extend to other state so download now! Just remember to use this SETEL referral code 'ptzu' for your first RM5 Cash Back Rebate, when you start refer to friends you will get higher cash rebate too! Remember, go download SETEL from your app store now and register with this  SETEL referral code 'ptzu'  for your cash rebate and grab a chance to win a brand new Mercedes-Benz . 【有好康!】有智能手机 🤳 的朋友请注意!!  能 #省钱 又有机会 #赢新车 #MercedesBenz 🏎 ⚡ 😮 1. 在 App Store 下载  Setel 2. 记得用通关密码'ptzu'以得到 RM5 回额折扣 3. 凡是打RM30或以上的汽油就有机会赢车车了 4. 还没用过手机打油的你一定要试啦~  # 做科技时尚尖端人物必试 🤓 PS: 为了安全起见,记得在车内启动电子预付打油 ⛑ ✌ 🆓️ 大放送  # 国庆日   # 8月31号  截止 🆓️ 记得 REBATE CODE 是小写  # ptzu . 大家可别错过啦~ Tag 你的男女友老公老婆亲爱的朋友家人  # 一起省钱赢新车 ! 666 Downloa

八度空间《启航》第七季 与《拼凑・记忆》8月11日起 每逢星期日 晚上8时30分 开播 - Desmond郑瑞钥 Wind李诗斌 Ley Teng陈丽亭

《启航》 与《拼凑 ・记忆》新一季  2019年8月11日起 『本地最霸』每逢星期日,晚上8时30分 那天在Mano Thinking Magazine Library举办的小型媒体分享会有 Desmond郑瑞钥, Wind李诗斌 和 Ley Teng陈丽亭 (没看到Cheryl李欣怡)分享他们拍摄节目的趣事。当天我则专注在拍摄他们媒体访问期间的“记忆”。喜欢照片的就继续往下滑吧~访问影片要多一点时间上传啊。 简单来说, 八度空间《启航》第七季   与 《拼凑・记忆》   新一季 将 由8月11日起,每逢星期日,晚上8时30分播出 。

K-Performance Show 2019 - JUMP, The Painters, Sachoom, VIXX Leo & T-bird in Malaysia

K-Performance Show 2019 - JUMP, The Painters, Sachoom, VIXX Leo & T-bird in Malaysia Sachoom dancers featured above Today we had a sneak peek to the K-Performance Show 2019 at KLCC Plenary Hall. I really enjoyed the non-verbal performances by JUMP , The Painters & Sachoom , and 2 Kpop artists: VIXX Leo & T-bird for FREE! (VIXX Leo and T-bird will perform during the weekend) Thanks KTO Malaysia for organizing this event! So below are some photos taken during the  K-Performance Show 2019 in Malaysia.  My personal favourite are the dancers from Sachoom and the talented painters from 'The Painters' all the way from Korea! Hope you'll enjoy the photos and see you guys tomorrow!   #KTOMalaysia  #koreanPerformance  #KPerformanceShow2019 Let's Dance Crazy with Sachoom Season 2 爱舞动2 音乐剧 | K- Performance Show 2019 @ KLCC in Malaysia


BRANDLAUREATE SMES BESTBRANDS AWARDS 2018-2019 - BIG PHARMACY BestBrands in Healthcare – Pharmacy Let's throwback to the evening in March 2019 where I shoot for  BRANDLAUREATE SMES BESTBRANDS AWARDS 2018-2019  courtesy of  BIG PHARMACY 's winning the  "BestBrands in Healthcare – Pharmacy category" . That's where I meet  Nicol David  and  Chris Leong  for the first time. In overall, it is an eye opening event of how grand an awards event can be, especially BrandLaureate Awards. Thanks for letting us capture the precious moments of you receiving the awards. Congratulation once again to BIG Pharmacy . Feel free to scroll down to check out the photos. Love the happiness captured during that night =) If you are interested with my photography or blogging services, feel free to contact me. All contact details is on the Contact Page .


【PHOTO】MyTOWN PARKSON SHOPPING CENTRE CHALLENGE - Million Loves In Me 宠我 罗老师 罗冠兰 John 虞日新 Ruby狄妃 Together with Parkson My Town Shopping Centre , 《Million Loves in Me 寵我》 had a shopping contest for audience to win RM1800 worth of shopping vouchers. I was there to capture the behind the scenes of how the participants shop the the exact and closest value and he/she will be the winner. Based on my experience, it's teamwork that will help you win this kind of contest. There were two participants who come to an agreement and join force to make their shopping value very close to the required amount. I give them a big thumbs up for that because 团结就是力量,赢了再互相分享,互惠互利啊 哈哈 Thanks John 虞日新 and the team for the opportunity to document this event. Ruby狄妃 and 罗老师 罗冠兰 was there too. Photos were captured in 2018 (21st May) but feel free to scroll down and have a look of this shopping challenge photo series. #宠我 #寵我 #羅冠蘭 #虞日新 #狄妃 #rubydfaye #李伟燊 #得奖电影 #awardswinningmovie #电影 #m

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia Kuala Lumpur - Visit KL Instagrammable Location

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Instagrammable Location During my staycation at ANSA Kuala Lumpur , it was just a 15 minutes Grab ride away to this place. Since we were staying right in the middle of KL City. I've decided to spend more time exploring the surrounding including this beautiful Islamic Art Music Malaysia where it is just right opposite National Mosque of Malaysia . But today, I am going to share only photos that I got from this instagrammable museum in Kuala Lumpur. Trust me, you should go there and check it out for yourself, one of the instaworthy place in Kuala Lumpur. Just scroll down and have a look =)