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NenNen味很重?! MATTA FAIR at PWTC 17-19 March

Hey guys, instead of a long blog post about Matta Fair, I've compressed everything into a five minutes vlog recorded and edited using my phone. So feel free to watch it because it was an honour to have Baki Zainal special appearance in the vlog. Together with other awesome friends including Wayne Thong, May Ho, Evan Siau, Shu Tiger, Airlink Travel & Tour, Philippines Tourism Board, Berjaya Hotels & Resorts and many more =)

Here's an IMPORTANT tips if you are going to PWTC for Matta Fair, please use the public transport LRT or park your car at Regalia Residence. Confirm cheaper than the valet parking at the hotel nearby oo.

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For more info about Matta Fair 2017 which happening in PWTC, check out mattafair.org.my or www.facebook.com/mattafairkualalumpur.

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