《回盼》科幻和侦探元素大马电视剧 - “灵力”破解离奇凶杀案

八度空间《回盼》放映记者会 陈泽耀与林家冰私下不过电 导演陈立谦成谢承伟替身

陈泽耀与林家冰私下不过电 导演陈立谦成谢承伟替身

八度空间全力打造、Clover Sky倾力制作、One FM为指定电台的《回盼》将于2016年10月7日起,每逢星期五,晚上8时30分,原创强档时段播出。日前,导演吴昇儿Teddy陈立谦带领一众演员Jack陈泽耀Lenna林家冰Rickman谢承伟Allan杜尉纶Agnes王柔霖Rabbit陈沛兴曾潍山出席放映记者会。




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以入殓师为题材的《回盼》共长13集,该剧结合了科幻和侦探的元素,描述女主角丝语(林家冰 饰)将透过她的经历来让大家更加了解入殓师这份工作,同时也会通过她的“灵力”来协助记者男友柏宇(陈泽耀 饰)完成破解离奇的凶杀案。

欲知更多八度空间《回盼》的详情,可浏览官方网www.8tv.com.my 或关注八度空间官方面子书www.facebook.com/badukongjianinstagram @8tvchinese

如今,您也可以浏览马来西亚首个网络电视tontonwww.tonton.com.my)观赏八度空间的节目,同时也可透过付费电视第708频道收看。只要注册成为tonton VIP,即能收看超过2万个小时的精彩本地节目,从大型颁奖典礼、综艺节目到各类型的本地戏剧。

Supernatural and Crime Collide in 8TV’s ‘Unchained Fate’ (Synopsis)
After a person dies, are they reincarnated with a new personality? 8TV’s new Drama, ‘Unchained Fate’ opens new chapters into the supernatural realm. Throughout the series’ 13 episodes, the protagonist, Lily under the supervision of her senior mortician, Master Loong will uncover not only her past self but also will also use her gift to help her journalist boyfriend, Lucas to solve baffling criminal cases.

This science-fiction drama series revolves around three youngsters who are battle evil forces with magical crystals in their possession which has such extraordinary powers – a makeup brush with the Red Phoenix Stone enables an individual to communicate with the ethereal world, a pair of gloves with the Yellow Tiger Crystal which gives the wearer such immense power and a watch containing the Blue Dragon Stone which has the ability to control time. Apart from the stones, the story reflects their past and present lives.

Lily is an orphan who lost both her parents when she was still a baby. At the age of five, she was adopted by Ke Wei, who claims to be her foster father. She is very curious about her biological parents but is always greeted with silence from her foster father whenever she wishes to know more about her origins. It is only until she meets Master Loong that she realizes her mother was a mortuary beautician. Her parents did not leave her any item except for a makeup brush.

A mysterious thing happens when she encounters her first ‘client’. She can actually see signs and symbols on the body of the deceased when she makes up the deceased by using the make-up brush.  Lily soon realizes that the deceased are trying to tell her something through these signs. Her ‘client’ wants her to redress the injustice done to his/her untimely death! She embarks on her journey to investigate and appease the dead with her amazing gift. As time passes on she met a journalist, Lucas who in the end became her boyfriend, and together they seek justice for the dead.

Apart from finding her Mr. Right, she also encounters Shenhe, a lost lover who has tracked her down from her past life, and Lucas’s enemy in the past life! Slowly, their past began to unravel Lily realizes that Black Geese was her enemy in her past life and with Lucas’s help, they decided to settle the score with her once and for all.

8TV’s Unchained Fate will feature the second screen experience whereby audience are no longer limited to only watch the content on TV but can also interact through this second screen. Audience can search for more exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos through the second screen when the drama goes on air.

Will Lily be able to defeat Black Geese with her three magical items?  Where do the magical crystals come from? Will they grasp their past lives and identify friend or foe? Starring Lenna Lim, Jack Tan, Rickman Chia, Rabbit Chen and Kopi Lim. Watch the new drama from 8TV, ‘Unchained Fate’ beginning 7th October 2016, at 8.30pm – 9.30pm, every Friday to find out all the answers. 8TV is available on Channel 708. Watch the drama on tonton before it airs on TV at www.tonton.com.my and for more information follow us via our social media platforms:

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