My Lovely Dreamland featuring Padang Pasir Klebang @ Melaka

My Lovely Dreamland featuring Padang Pasir Klebang @ Melaka

Having photography as one of my hobby and profession has been always fruitful for me as I can capture precious moments that I noticed when I am with my camera. Most of the time, you will see me with my huge camera bag on the street or when I am attending event. Practice makes perfect, that's how to improve your photography skill too.

However, after carrying this huge and heavy DSLR along for years, it has constantly putting pressure on my shoulder and back and eventually developed into unpleasing back pain. Other than that, spending massive time in front of the PC editing photos is the main cause for stiff shoulder too. For me, having a healthy and fit body is very important as you can't do a photoshoot properly with your injured back. 

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portrait and graduation photoshoot at padang pasir melaka

I love adventures and sometimes I travel alone to one place trying to capture that beautiful landscape right in front of my eyes. Usually I will go to Padang Pasir Klebang when I am back in my hometown because I find this place unique and beautiful on its own way. Especially when the sky is cleaner and the weather is sunny, you can foresee the beautiful sunset in the evening.

Above picture was taken during sunset hour when I stumble upon a group of friends who went there just for fun. Looking at the beautiful scenery behind, it would be a waste if I never take a group photo for them. So we had a quick and fun photoshoot, to capture down these precious moments and they can remember it for the rest of their life. 

The landscape here in Pantai Klebang is really unique. Do you believe this is Malaysia?
The landscape here in Pantai Klebang is really unique. Do you believe this is Malaysia?
Honestly speaking, this place is a dreamland to me and I always love to explore ace like this and share the moments through my camera. But it is not easy to reach this place as you need to walk around 20 minutes under the hot sun. Imagine carry those heavy camera gears and tripod to this place, it was like weight-exercise on the desserts but luckily I love what I do here.

Everytime at the end of this photography journey, my body especially my back can feel the soreness. I feel happy with what I have managed to shoot but feel tired at the same time. That's when I find quality rest is important especially after a long day after a photoshoot. Especially when it is about sleep.

Get a suitable mattress that let you have a good sleep

This is very important because we spend 8 hours a day on bed, and having quality rest is one of the most important element to recharge and keep my body healthy. I know the way to relieve my shoulder or back pain through massage, what about when it's time to sleep? Even after a proper chiropractic treatment, I will need to give my body the time to recover.  With the right mattress, it will eventually help me recover even faster. Best thing? I can get proper rest and prepare my body for another good start of the day. Trust me, having quality sleep is as important as having daily multi-vitamin and drink enough water.

Dreamland Chiro/Latex Gel Mattress - 100 percent Natural Latex
Dreamland Chiro/Latex Gel

Dreamland Malaysia got a Chiro series mattress that serve this purpose, and we recently got this Chiro Latex/Gel as our current and future bed. (future as in the new bed for wedding) Instead of getting King Size, I personally think that Queen size is already more than enough for two persons. You can even fit a baby between too =)

Chiro Latex/Gel Mattress luxurious finishing on the top surface with the detailed embroidery label

Let's look at the texture of this Chiro Latex/Gel Mattress, there's luxurious finishing on the top surface with the detailed embroidery label. It is actually part of the Cool Gel Memory Foam and I can feel the incredible softness when I touch it. With the luxurious and soft Belgian Damask fabric, you will definitely love it when you touch it.

Closer look at the details of  Dreamland Chiro Latex/Gel Mattress
Closer look at the details of  Dreamland Chiro Latex/Gel Mattress
Here's another closer look of the mattress, high loft tack and jump quilting, twisted cord elegant finishing and gold border ribbon. It does give me that premium feel and fits perfectly in my room. I wish I have a virtual reality camera to let you feel the texture of this fine mattress but for now? Photos are all I can show now.

A closer look of the Chiro Latex/Gel Mattress from Dreamland Malaysia
A closer look of the Chiro Latex/Gel Mattress from Dreamland Malaysia

With the patented Miracoil advanced spring system, Dreamland provide mattress that takes care of your back with their Chiro range. My Chiro Mattress - Chiro Latex/Gel uses 100% natural latex and has gel-infused memory foam for cooler, pressure relieved sleep. You also get 10 years warranty on all Dreamland mattresses.

The 10 years warranty is a good assurance that we can have it replace if there's any manufacturing defect.

Luxurious finishing on Dreamland Mattress - Chiro/Latex Series
Luxurious finishing on Dreamland Mattress - Chiro/Latex Series

My personal experience on importance of quality sleep

Every time after a long day photoshoot (especially wedding actual day including dinner photoshoot), all I wanted to do is to rest well for the rest of the night. Well, perhaps after feed my empty stomach with warm drink and food? Believe me or not, having quality sleep is as important as having big breakfast every morning. Not only it let my body have enough rest, my body will recover and I feel refreshed again the next day. That's what I did to keep myself going strong for the next day.

Many people thought that photographer is an easy job, some even thought that all I need to do was to press the shutter button. To be honest, there are more work afterwards, the long hours of photo processing and editing in front of the PC is to ensure the photos look great for client. In return, we got a stiff body or sometimes back pain that need professional to ease the pain.

Quality sleep is important and having the right mattress is one of the main consideration

Although I am still new to working out and going to the gym, I learned that our body repair and renew the muscle tissues when you are well asleep. So if your plan is to bulk up and become fit, don't forget to have enough healthy food and quality sleep. Or else whatever you did in the gym will go to waste if you can't have enough quality rest time.

If your partner always roll over while sleeping, the Miracoil spring system - World Most Advanced Spring System will minimize the effect of their movement on your sleep. In the end? You got a quality rest and always wake up from your dreamland. Honestly, I always wake up from sweet dreams these few days and yet still feel refreshed.

Sleep well with the right mattress and you will always in dreamland

Okay guys, please let me continue my sweet dream and I hope you found this post helpful (especially for photographer or someone who always carry heavy stuff everyday). Do share it out and tag your photographer buddy as this will definitely help them in many ways.

For more information about Dreamland Chiro Mattress, visit Or you can check out Dreamland Facebook page and watch their video at Dreamland YouTube Channel.

 Dreamland Discount Cash Voucher up to RM1000 for Chiro series mattress
 Dreamland Discount Cash Voucher up to RM1000 for Chiro series mattress

Dreamland is currently also giving out discount vouchers up to RM1000! All you need to do is print the voucher from HERE and start purchasing your mattresses now! (Voucher valid until 30 Nov 2016)

Padang Pasir Klebang during sunset hour in Melaka Malaysia
Till then, welcome to my dreamland!!

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