8 Tips For Mobile Levitation Photography By Just Using Smartphone #TCLevitate

8 Tips For Mobile Levitation Photography By Just Using Smartphone (Both Android or iPhone) TCLevitation

8 Tips For Mobile Levitation Photography By Just Using Smartphone

Since I rarely update my blog these day (too many photoshoot and processing to attend to), I guess I shall give it a try by including some of my instapost as part of the blog?? Just recently I noticed that my phone can actually do more that what I know it could. Hence that's why I started #TCLevitate focusing on levitation photography done using just your mobile smartphone.
Caption for above Instagram photo @tianchad:
Here's the new addition to my #TCLevitate collection. All done using #myGalaxyS7edge with a stylus. (photo taken using its built-in camera) 
Just want to say that smartphone nowadays getting smarter and you won't know how powerful it is until you try it out. If you are interested, I've shared some behind the scene on my insta-story =) Featuring my first @danielwellington with the beautiful #sunset. You can get your fav DW watch or other apparels from Zalora Malaysia with this code "ZBAPX8H" for 15% discount. This could save you up to RM180++ if you are getting the 'DW Dapper St Mawes' 👶
I believe with the stylus from the new #myGalaxyNote7, I can bring this to the next level 😀 Hope you guys like it!

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Phone Levitation Photography featuring Daniel Wellington with the beautiful sunset

Floating Chatime - How to use your smartphone to do levitation photography?
How to use your smartphone to do levitation photography?

How to use your smartphone to do levitation photography?

  1. You must have a smartphone that can shoot in Professional(Pro) or Manual Mode. This is for us to control all the elements like focusing distance, white balance, shutter speed and basically everything that you can control to decrease your editing process. Better effect can be achieved with wide aperture camera lens (F1.8 or wider). For S7 Edge is F1.7 hence it is better
  2. You should keep your hand steady or use a tripod/gorilla pod to keep the same composition. Then take at least two photos (one is the background as base, the other one is a photo of you holding the object in the air)
  3. Use Mobile Apps with the Double Exposure function and erase away unwanted part of the photo (eg. your hand/fingers which holding your watch/drink)
  4. Use a stylus pen. If you use the suitable brush size pairing with correct feather level, your levitation photography shots using smartphone can look as cool as the one shot using DSLR too.
  5. Use Photo Apps like VSCOCAM to give it the final look. With additional color tone fix, you actually synchronize the combined shot even better. This is very useful especially when you accidentally shoot your photo in Auto White Balance. So to prevent this, back to Rule 1, fix all your camera shooting setting.
  6. Pay attention to the lighting around you and try to prevent direct sunlight especially when you are include the ground. We need reasonable shadow to match with the levitating object/human.
  7. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice the better your shots gonna turn out.
  8. Be creative and think outside of the box. Once you did your first mobile levitation photo, tag @tianchad and #HpLevitate #WeLevitate

    The only down side of this photography is that it take more time if you compare doing it using computer (PC). But the benefits of learning this is that you can achieve this cool levitation photography effect by just using your smartphone. I find this very helpful especially when you are travelling and I hope you guys know how your smartphone has become =)

    If you are thinking of upgrading your smartphone as your new travel and photography companion, you may consider getting a Samsung S7/S7 EDGE:

    For more guide about levitation photography, do read below post:

    This will give you a better understanding of levitation photography and it will helps you create better levitation photos using your smartphone. If you've created a levitation photo after reading this post, feel free to tag with #TCLevitate so I can check them out.

    PS: If you have a better hashtag for levitation photos created using smartphone, do suggest one below! For now I can only think of #HpLevitate

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