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'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs' @ KLPAC ft Naomi Price #rumourhasitMY

'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs'  - featuring  Naomi Price   'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs' - starring Naomi Price (The Voice Australia) this award winning musical celebration will be take you on the life journey of the ordinary girl Adele Adkins rise to stardom; featuring the best of her songs. The show was held at KLPAC from 21st – 25th Sept and below are some photos taken during the Asia Premiere Night. I love the simple decoration for the stage, the awesome lighting that complement their live performance and yet let us focusing on the vocals and live band. Thanks Milestone Production for your invitation, I did enjoy the show =) I love Naomi Price 's impersonation of Adele and the production even customized the show to Malaysian (especially when it comes to jokes that were being custom made including making fun of 'her' hairstyle). Overall, the show was a combination of Adele's story telling. She shared about her li

Kirin Kiki 树木希林 & Japanese Film Festival 2016 @ GSC Pavilion KL

Kirin Kiki (树木希林) at Japanese Film Festival 2016 @ GSC Pavilion KL It was another year that I document Japanese Film Festival 2016 at GSC Pavilion KL . This year is much more special because there's appearance of  Kirin Kiki (树木希林) , a three-time Japanese Academy Award-winner who is considered a living legend of Japanese cinema.  Kiki Kirin/ Kirin Kiki four-decade-long career has been marked by critically acclaimed roles in such films as Kamikaze Girls ; Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me , and Sometimes Dad ; Chronicle of My Mother; and Like Father, Like Son . Earlier this year, she walked away with the  Lifetime Achievement Award at the 10th Asian Film Awards . She appears twice in this year’s JFF lineup; as the protagonist’s mother in opening film After the Storm and as the female lead in An . The first time I saw Kirin Kiki is through the movie "Kakekomi" in last year JFF . It was good to meet her in person and I gotta say she is very humble and shy at the sam

The Best Car Charger & Finder for Pokemon GO Player

ZUS Car Charger - The Best Car Charger and Finder for Pokemon GO Player After using this car charger for few months, I truly believe that every driver and serious Pokemon GO Player should own this gadget because I find it really handy and useful. This ZUS Car Charger is different from other car charger because it has far more better function and features that make it standout better than other brands that I known of. Now let's check the features of ZUS Car Charger and why I would recommend you guys to have it.

Sponsored Video: 8 Photos of Brooklyn Beckham with Honor 8 #ForTheBrave

8 Photos of Brooklyn Beckham with Honor 8 #ForTheBrave If you know David Beckham, you will definitely know his 17 years old son  Brooklyn Beckham , who's blessed with good look and talents. Knowing him interested in photography is a good news as that means we might bump into each other in near future. Anything could happen right? *hahaha* All right, today's post is all bout him in the recent  Honor 8  video. Apparently Brooklyn is one of the millennial ambassadors for this brand new smartphone and below are 8 photos of Brooklyn handsomely portrayed in the Honor 8 video.

Miss Korea Pop Balloon On His...WHAT?!

Balloon Popping Game Gone Crazy with Miss Korea All right guys, today's post is a short one because it is a throwback video of my fun moments in Club Med Cherating . The other day Daniel found the video of Miss Malaysia crowned as Miss Cherating after sang this song, and he asked if I can upload video of him doing some stunts with Miss Korea. So here you go!! Firstly, I would like to apologize for my LOL as it was really funny and I didn't expect the GO from Club Med Cherating would really do that. I salute you GOX ! (He is the awesome GO from Korea) From the video below you will see Miss Korea did 'her' best to impress the judges by doing the Psy Gentleman lap dance and also popping balloon on this man.