Clean Water with Cleansui Water Purifier CB Series from Japan

Clean Water with Cleansui Water Filter System

Clean Water with Cleansui Water Filter System

Water filter has already become a must in every household to ensure that we are drinking filtered water and feel safe. However, different quality of water filter does come in different price too. It can range from hundreds to thousands depends on which feature you required. Not every household can afford that expensive  water filter system at home, and some are bulky to install in the kitchen/house. 

I've been using this simple-to-install CLEANSUI Water Filter at the kitchen for almost two months now and I will share my verdicts about it below. 

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Attachment set to suit most of the water pipe
Attachment set to suit most of the water pipe
The Cleansui Water Purifier that I am using now is this small size Cleansui CB Series (CB013E). It is suitable to be installed in the toilet/kitchen with the attachment set provided. The Attachment set are  actually accessories to fit almost all the current faucets/water pipe in your household. I initially want to install it in the toilet but it currently only fit the kitchen's faucets.

Cleansui Water Purifier use High Standard Filter System
Cleansui Water Purifier use High Standard Filter System
This Cleansui CB Series Water Purifier using High Standard Filter System. Using the filter cartridge, it contains Nonwoven Fabric to filter out sediment, Activated Carbon to any unpleasant smell, Trihalomethanes, Bromodichloromethan, Dibromochloromethane and Chlorine/Chlorofdorm. The Cleansui Filter cartridge also contain this important Hollow Fiber Membrane which filter out algae/microorganism, bacteria, rust, fungi and metal particles.

Each of this Cleansui Water Cartridge can filter up to 900 litre of water. The Cleansui's hollow fibre membrane with bamboo grove structure makes it less prone to clogging. Providing long lasting performance even when used to treat highly contaminated water. That's why you can get filtered water within short period of time.

User friendly 3-way diverter levers - Filter Water, Shower or Streaming Tap Water
User friendly 3-way diverter levers - Filter Water, Shower or Streaming Tap Water
 The Faucet-mounted water purifier has a user friendly 3-way diverter levers. You can get filter water, shower or streaming tap water with just a simple twist. With that you get to lengthen the filter cartridge by using normal water for washing dishes and plates.

How Cleansui Water Purifier CB Series work
How Cleansui Water Purifier CB Series work
Cleansui is a trusted brand of water purifier in Japan, removes contaminants but leaves healthy minerals intact. That's the major difference between reverse-osmosis water filter and this one.They have this unique and advanced filtration system uses a combination of filtering net, non-woven fabric, ceramics, activated carbon with hollow fiber membrane filters.

If you ask me how's the quality of product made in Japan? I've always have faith in them in creating high quality product especially when it is something that we human are going to consume. If this product is made in China, would you have more/less confidence on the similar products? You know the answer haha.

I've been using it for almost two months and drinking the filtered water right from the tap. If you are still worry about the safety, you can just boil the filter water. I feel fine drinking it straight, especially after I went to the gym and I need to drink healthy water as soon as possible instead of waiting for the boiled water to cool down.

Cleansui Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge - CBC03E
Cleansui Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge - CBC03E (Priced at RM139)
Since you can get Cleansui water purifier directly form an online store, you save a lot of cost by excluding a middle-agent/merchant. This Faucet-mounted water filter (CB013E) cost you only RM269 and the Replacement Cartridge (CBC03E) cost you only RM139.

My review/verdicts on Cleansui Faucet-mounted Water Purifier CB013E


  • Simple and compact design. Take only little space 
  • User friendly 3-way diverter level (filter water, shower,streaming tap water)
  • High flow rate even if water pressure is low
  • High level water purification with hollow fibre membrane, activated carbon and ceramics
  • There are certain faucets that Cleansui cannot be attached
  • No indicator on how much water has been filtered

Cleansui actually came out with a more advanced version of faucet water purifier with a handy LCD display that automatically counts down the number of litres of filtered water remaining before cartridge requires replacement. 

Other than Faucet type of water filter, Cleansui does provide other products like pitcher, table top and skin care series with same water purification features. 

Thanks to Cleansui Malaysia, you may enjoy FREE DELIVERIES whenever you made a purchase through these link. Start having clean water for your family with Cleansui, shop now.

If you have any question regarding this product/purchase steps, do leave a comment or email me directly. 

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